Midday Backdoor Bliss

So while Georgia is taking in the warm spring sun, bathing naked on the patio, ipod at her side. I had been doing some writing, researching, and some general tidying of the domestic quarters.

She had been listening to the Mistress Matisse podcast which lit a fire of salacious hunger inside of her. She walked in from the patio, long languid strides softly dropped across the carpet, giving me a telling glance and a seductive smile. I continued to stare, losing myself open mouthed as she strode by, visions of her head back in ecstasy fluttered through my mind.

After a few moments of birds chirping, the cat batting around a plastic easter egg. I noticed out the window, the quiet was broken by the rude noises of a lawn mower spitting away the dandelions. Turning back to my desk, I heard Georgia from the back room calling for me.

Taking a moment to finish a couple of thoughts, I saved the documents I was completing. Grabbing my cup I shuffled off to the bedroom. Finding Georgia on the bed, naked, acquiescent, wanting my body. Instantly aroused, I stripped my clothing, on the bed I plunged, her magnetic skin pressed against mine. I find myself going through a legs upright turn on phases. Anytime I see G’s legs lifted in the air or dangling I feel like I have just injected Mr Burns rare fox love potion.

Her red hair was spilling over the back of the pillow, losing myself in her emerald eyes  I leaned in for a lingering kiss.

My cock hardening, her playing with herself, in honor of masturbation month, I gave her my adamantine cock. Sliding it deep into her mouth. Feeling her tongue exploring my fleshy dagger, I felt myself getting harder inside of her.

I had brought out her favorite dildo, a nice larger than average cock that was her favorite. Moistening the tip then gently massaging her hardening nugget she moaned as the vibrations rumbled through her.

After teasing her with my cock for a few moments, and tease her I did. Keeping it just out of reach of her tongue, not letting her use her hands, moving her head onto my throbbing cock.

I withdrew from this position to set myself on my knees between her legs, my rigid cock laying upon her exposed pussy, aching for satisfaction. My cock slid inside of her, her response was to move into me, reaching a slender wrist over my shoulder, nails finding their way into my skin.

I took her ankles, spreading her wide while she worked the dildo on her clit as my cock found its proper rhythm, G had come twice at this point. Seeing her swept up in the moment, breathing hard, calling out my name for more.

I slid out of her, resting on my feet, her legs still spread for me. We were going to take it a step further and enjoy some anal play. Our take on anal play is pretty simple, you dont want to go in fast, it takes time, we usually talk and tease about a few days beforehand, which we have been. I then tease her ass, inserting a finger, she gets to the point of orgasm so many times her body readily takes and accepts my cock. Georgia is now fucking herself very hard with the vibrator while my cock slides slowly inside of her, her ass squeezes my cock hard.

Leaning back in a drugged stupor, I explode inside of her, Georgia climaxed again, I was a statue, feeling myself melt beside her. Deflating beside her, we shared still moment as all lovers do before rising to play a bit more in the shower.

Such a beautiful day.


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