Girl On Girl In Rope

So it was a Saturday evening, spring is the current fetish, trees in bloom, bees buzzing, flowers pollinated, animals frolicked. Our friends Kenny and Dolly were destined to arrive at our home for an evening of our own spring time frolicking. Rapid texting throughout the day as last minute food decisions were made, a lighting concept was decided upon, snacks gathered to be spread upon the table.

Georgia awaited excited by the nights potential activities, she was getting wet thinking about what was to happen, it was a trial the entire day to keep our hands off each other, awaiting the debauchery of the evening for fulfillment. Always it seems before an encounter like this your mind wanders in exuberant nervous anticipation of what might happen, or what you would like to happen.

Georgia and I each discussed some possible scenarios we would like to try. It’s the anxious thoughts of how to initiate pleasure without it being forced or awkward.  We feel pretty comfortable with Kenny and Dolly, they are very easygoing, open minded, and intelligent. Georgia wanted to have Kenny and I hold Dolly down on her back using her tongue to lick Georgia’s clit.

Georgia and I were busy lighting the last of the candles when they showed at the door. Inviting them we stopped in the kitchen briefly, Kenny fixed the margaritas, while we all smiled at each other hungrily.

After some settling in the girls decided to get dressed into something much more comfortable as the cliché goes. They trotted out various outfits, Georgia trying on a couple before settling on a slinky black number, Dolly came out wearing a purple lace body suit, both extremely sexy .

Our guest brought along a bag of toys that we were pouring through like we had just robbed a local Adam and Eve store, various clamps and dildos were displayed, several bondage devices were examined.

As Dolly stood, we began to decide what to do first, there was so much to be had, I think we were all kind of overwhelmed. So I decided to get some rope to begin tying her. Mouth watering at the chance to tie hot bi female, I started tying a simple chest harness around her. After a suggestion or two from the gallery about how low to go around her ass, then which knot to tie around her front, I went with the double coin knot.  The chest tie was hot, exposing her tits, her nipples were getting hard as Kenny and Georgia played with them while she was being tied.

After getting her tied, compliments were paid to her, she like having herself tied in such a way. We then went ahead to cuff her hands behind her back, cuffing her Georgia and Kenny in earnest began playing with her nubile petite body. Dolly was getting off on being restrained, her moans, seeing her exhilaration while she was brought to climax. Georgia was having her way with Dolly, kissing and teasing her, savoring the moment, I was getting hard watching them kiss, Georgia’s hands caressing Dolly’s ass. Kenny was lightly fingering G’s pussy, G writhed on his finger, all three were in an intense state of erotic euphoria.

Dolly’s knees were weak, Georgia and Kenny were attached to her body, licking, sucking her nipples, her clit, bringing her to moan in pleasure. She dropped to her knees, enjoyed some of Kenny’s cock while padding was prepared for her. She laid on her back hands still behind her, Georgia began to apply some gentle licks of her tongue, to Dolly’ s wanting clit. Dolly was on the floor, moaning that she wanted some cock. Kenny took off his pants, his member stiffening at the sexy sight of his Dolly getting licked by a sexy woman. His cock was in her mouth, Dolly was sucking away, taking all of it as it were the last cock she would have. She turned looked at me hungrily then Kenny invited me to join. I certainly couldn’t resist my cock was pulsing at the site, my cock entered her mouth, the warmth engulfed me. It was what she was wanting, what Dolly was needing at that time. Georgia was enjoying the wet pussy, while our cocks were being slathered and stiffened. It was all I could do to not let myself just explode in her mouth. There were many more things to explore, and pleasures to be savored.

Just the beginning of our evening…


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  1. May GOD Bless!!! Mark

  2. this is too much………………………

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