Old Timey Tribute

We finally had time last night to get a first run at our Irving Klaw/Bettie Page photo tribute. Lots of pics were taken, shots of whiskey consumed, copious amounts of notes were taken, lots of fun and work, now to the arduous task of editing them.

Then trying to recreate this:

Stay tuned, we will post the rest soon ­čÖé



Happy Belated HNT…my Lost homage ;o)



Altar Cloud

This cloud provided several inspirational thoughts !

Evening Checklist

Rope ? check

Leather flogger ? check

but plug ? check

lube ? check

Memoirs of Fanny Hill to read while she is suspended ? check

box of fireworks ? check

8.5″ bionic glass dildo ? check

strawberries to give her ? check

spatula ? check

candles ? check

single stem rose ? check

Looks like were ready !


Currently Inspired

Shes naughty, oppositional defiant, a brat. Being mischievous, she started by dumping cold water on me in the shower,  then she walked around naked, slapping my hands away from her, snapping my rear with a towel, hiding my shoes.  With all this stubbornness on her part some discipline might be in order.


Photo Tribute

This last weekend we spent part of our time cruising local shops for props to use for an upcoming photo shoot tribute to Irving Klaw, the guy who brought us Bettie Page.

Looking to emulate something like this:

Stay Tuned

Dinner Plans

Georgia just texted me saying that we should plan a BBQ for a few friends, I could tie her, and a couple of the guests of course. Present the bound treats on the table, decorated for finger lickin goodness, ready to satiate our guests appetites.


If The Sandal Fits

Going to a ropey fetishy event tomorrow night…would “rope sandals” be toppy enough ?


I Should Go Pro !

Georgia, sayeth to me, last night, post coitus:

“That was the best cunnilingus I ever had, really baby, am still throbbing”

Me smiling contentedly,my fingers lazily teasing her still wet lips.



Ready for a lash, cane, or long lazy fingernails across my back.