Obeying Orders

“Spread your legs for me”  he told her.

She did as he asked. She spread herself, draping a leg languidly over the arm of the black Verksam desk chair. He could see the bright red of her panties, the slight hint of fur beneath. She ran a hand up a leg, blushing back at him as he stood in front of the closed door, hands behind him on the latch.

Dropping a hand to expose her curvy hips further. She smiled coyly, sheepishly she asked “Do you like the view ?”

“Remove the jacket and shirt,” he spoke.

His face was stern, not acknowledging her it seemed. But his eyes, black dark eyes, shimmering pools of nothing were fixed on her. She removed her jacket, then top, exposing matching red bra holding her bigger than average breasts together.

Her breasts were heaving in time with her breathing, they were jumping for his attention, gathering his focus, she could see him looking at them and it caused her nipples to set firm, pushing outward from the lacy bra.

He saw her look back at him, her smile was replaced by a hesitant biting of the lip.

“Put your hands behind your head.”

She did as told, her tits jumped forward, back arching displaying her hips seductively. He took notice of the curve of her hip, it shot from head to toe throughout his body, coursing through him, his body became electric, the feeling in him percolating, his cock was beginning to harden.

He walked over to her, she was hypnotized by his gaze, the words he spoke, the lean muscles were tight against his rolled up shirt, veins sprouted from his arm. Predator like he stalked around her, his eyes looking her up and down. She was nervous about what his gaze said to her.

She trembled with her arms behind her head, moisture building between her legs, she was aching for his touch, the flood inside of her was beginning to overwhelm her already weak dam.  She felt his touch on her neck and the floodgates broke.

He took her other leg and positioned the limb so it was hanging over the opposite armrest. Being sure to lightly graze her flooded reservoir, she moaned at his touch, pleading for him to kiss her. She instead received a silk blindfold covering her eyes.

” If you obey my love, if I have to remind you of the rules, it will be lash time.”

She quieted when she heard that phrase, “if you obey”. Obeying, her mind dove again to the calm waters where gently she floated.

Her body began to sway within the confinement of the chair, her hands were now behind her back tied, attached to her ankles, to restrict her moving her legs together. She knew he enjoyed her moving her body slowly, displaying her tits for him, her lips pouting aching for his kiss, the kiss she knew was to come. Inhaling the memory of his body to hers, his hard skin next to hers, floating on the waves with her.

He then caressed her neck, even slower than before, lingering on each bit of skin, fingering it lightly as it were a delicate instrument. Then suddenly spun the chair slowly around twice, stopping her directly in front of him.

He now looked directly at her, studying her body, she was his prey, this morsel was to be consumed slowly, savoring every last bit. Not knowing when the next opportunity for a meal would come along.

Her legs spread and tied in such a manner, allowed him perfect access to her fuzzy strip of fur between her legs. Covered in red lace, he stroked it slowly, causing her to moan deeply. He then produced a pair of scissors cutting away the barrier that separated him from his prize. He cut away the thong very brusquely, causing a slight whimper from his pet.

He then stood up to give her what he knew she was wanting, taking his time, to let his breath be felt on her skin, flowing  into her mouth to the ends of her feet, washing over her. She was stretching mouth open for his lips, he paused, then kissed her wetly, his tongue swirling around his, she was sucking him into her.

He leaned back from her, looking at her desire, her face wanting him, yet unable to tell him so. She could not ask him for anything, for that was against the rules, accepting this made her desire him even more so.

He returned to her aching pussy, inserting his fingers, tickling her clit, spreading her lips to tease her mercilessly. She had come once already, which was allowed, but now her swollen clit was pleading to cum once more.

He then pulled her hips to the very edge of the chairs leather seat. He then pulled a wooden ruler from the desk area, lightly tapping her pussy, she responded to each slap hungrier than the last, moaning for him, pleading for him to allow her to cum.

Slap !

“Not until I say my pet !”

Slap ! Slap !

He quickened the pace, seeing her face flush and moans grow louder. He stopped slapping her clit, her breathing was fast, he could tell she was about to cum again, yet he wasn’t going to allow to cum yet. Not until he had his dinner.

He decided that he should quiet her, by placing his cock in her mouth. The chair having superb adjustment easily facilitated this. He pumped his cock furiously into her mouth, her sucking it hard, he dove farther into her mouth. He enjoyed her sucking his cock right before she would cum. She attached her mouth to his member, sucking it firmly and not wanting to let it go.

“I am about to cum” he gasped between breaths

She knew as well, his cock was throbbing hard against her mouth, she felt his explosion inside of her, hungering for him desperately, her hips moving to an unseen cock.

She wanted to cum now, she pleaded with the cock in her mouth, as he came, she was begging to be allowed release.

He looked down at her, the cock inside her, eyes looking back up at her, pleading for his permission. Licking his cock with her tongue slowly, she asked even more seductively.

He gave her permission, but only with the paddle. And only if she could cum for him within fifteen seconds. If she did that then she would be allowed to fuck him tonight without any restrictions on orgasms.

All it took was five seconds and one slap of the paddle.

As she came all she could think of was fucking him later tonight !

2 Responses

  1. Whew! That was good for me. Was it good for you?

  2. Quite tasty !


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