Bi Females Naked – The Story

Well I must say it was one of the best weekends in our blossoming relationship, you never know when good things will happen, always be prepared to get naked ! Not quite the boy scout motto but words to live by.

We are friends with a couple, we’ll call them Kenny and Dolly, a very sexy, ebullient couple who are enjoying their own sex positive pilgrimage.

We met up with them at a downtown bar full of soon to be inebriated frat rats, with their cleavage bearing sorority slags. We chose a table in a corner to wait for our guests to arrive, our server who I would have guessed was legally able to drink but could serve alcohol took our order. We were in the schlocky kind of bar that are pervasive wherever you find “urban renewal”, not much for service as our waitress couldn’t tell us the ingredients in the drink Georgia requested.

“There’s like vodka or something in it…umm, Im not sure you know”. Doing our best to feign patience we ordered drinks and appetizer, hoping Kenny and Dolly would show up soon. Which they didn’t disappoint, they were there right as our order arrived, looking relaxed, sexy, they ordered drinks, we made small talk. Georgia and Dolly both looked  scrumptious, wearing provocative heels that brought stares from all the men in the place.

Once we inside we were met with apple red lighting and the sounds of the emcee. To say the small bar was crowded would be understating the fact. We made our way to the end of the bar, I sought relief for a moment in the bathroom, as Georgia and our friends sought out drinks. There were some very kind folks from the local kinkster group who we were going to get to know, but our plans were preempted, they were so very nice to set aside a couple of seats for us, however we had to politely decline, and sought refuge for the four of us back near the pool table. The show was fun, and perhaps if not distracted by our sexy guests or the crowded bar we would have stayed longer.

We arrived back at our place, with Dolly and Ken, we poured drinks, then adjourned to the living room. It wasn’t long before the rope came out, we began to show Dolly and Kenny various rope videos, which was getting us all thinking dirty thoughts.

First was a me tying a simple harness around Georgia, she displayed her sexiness in black hemp rope stretched around her. Sexy in her high heels I delighted in tying her, teasing her during the process.

We could tell our guests enjoyed the display, so I asked if Dolly would like to be tied, Kenny told her to go for it. So I proceeded to tie a simple pentagram harness around her, it gave me a small glimpse of what the perverted pleasure Twisted Monk, Graydancer, et al get to experience.  Very sensual it was to tie her, she has a lovely body, the rope around her exposed her breasts which Kenny complimented as they were displayed. I have never tied anyone else before, it was quite a whirlwind experience, I was more worried about not making it too tight, or causing her to be uncomfortable. I tied her hands behind her back, then sat her on her knees for presentation to Kenny.

Kenny definitely enjoyed the position Dolly was bound in, after a few minutes of her being bound on her knees, she asked if I had ever been tied. I replied in the affirmative, then she spoke to Kenny asking him the same question. She had a motive for her inquiry, because she then said quite matter of fact, lets tie Kenny to the chair, play with him for a bit, then we will do the same for Jay. Hard to say to no to a suggestion like that from a hot naked female.

The girls were gleeful about tying Kenny to the chair, once his hands were bound the Dolly wasted no time seeking his flesh with her tongue, plunging her mouth on his cock she made out with his cock eagerly. As she was beginning to work on his stiffening member, Georgia took a position from behind Dolly teasingly play with Dolly’s clit. After a few minutes of exciting Dolly, Georgia took a position beside Dolly, Kenny began to enjoy two wet tongues lathering his cock. During this time I encouraged differing positions, took some photos, and playfully slapped the two writhing assess in front of me.

It was now my turn, naked I sat in the chair, as the girls tied my hands. Then both began to plant their lips on my cock taking turns swallowing me, each was a different sensation I had no previous experience with. My hands tied, my only feeling were the two bodies leaned into my legs, Georgia taking my cock into her mouth, and Dolly licking my balls. It was all I could do not to explode onto both of them, I was rolling in ecstasy, as their flesh touched mine.

Georgia realizing that I was approaching gratification, untied me, directed Dolly to the couch where Kenny could give her what she was aching for, he spread her legs, licking her sweet patch of fur. As she was laid back on the couch Georgia and I danced around her, Georgia kissing her tits as Dolly gripped my cock tightly with her hand. Dolly was delighting in the sensations, her songs of pleasure showed Kenny playing her perfectly.

For the climax, and how the hell do you manage four simultaneous orgasms ? Kenny sat on the couch, Dolly went down on him, as Georgia slid her head between Dolly’s legs, tasting Dolly again, I spread Georgia’s legs, then slid my cock hard into her. We enjoyed getting Dolly off once more before she mounted Kenny to bring him to climax, roughly we all fucked, grunting passionately, the ladies enjoying the hardened cocks inside of them.

Amazing, the sensations, the group experience of being elevated to the same emotional state. Georgia and I kissed softly afterward, Dolly buried into Kenny chest, enjoying the afterglow. I must say the experience was not what I anticipated, a gentle comfort swept the room as we dressed. We refreshed our drinks, then sank back in the sofa together to view the pics we had taken. We laughed at the fake porn on the tv, as we amused ourselves viewing the pics, thinking we might have a couple of good ones, and what we could maybe do next time.

It was an amazing time, something I had never experienced before. The sex was great, awesome, spectacular ! We will post some more afterthoughts about this in another post.


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