Breath Play

So here was the scene the other night. G was tied simply, hands bound behind her back, mellow new age music filled the room, incense floated lazily through the air.  She sat on the edge of the bed, I was standing over her, kissing her, stroking her hair, getting her very aroused. In that position she eagerly awaits for each touch, her body responds to every stroke of my hand, she moans leaning into me. I got on my knees, starting to kiss her legs, thighs, squeezing her nipples, making her laugh by tickling her upper thigh.

Then I was going to lick her clit, but instead began breathing warmly on her furry patch of excitement. I could feel my own warm breath as I began breathing longer and deliberately around her pussy. This sensation immediately created the causal effect of her hips gyrating, her naked leg then reached over my back, pulling me into her. I didnt touch her with my tongue, just my breath only. It was a “breathtaking” few moments of bliss, the reactions of her body stimulating me so much that I gave into both our needs and slid deeply into her.

So I have been doing a bit more research on breath play, am thinking we may have to add a blindfold to the fun, talk about heightened sensations !


2 Responses

  1. I didn’t realize there was a name for it. I’ve always found it fun to create that kind of anticipation with my breath.

  2. lol, its quite the sensation. i guess the romans would call it spiritus lascivio 🙂

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