Damn Termagants !

Reading a bit lately about the feminist “movement” in its effects on sex work/activism. Found the following quote from an article by the late Murray Rothbard the sage of modern economic thought.

“But surely the attack on women as “sex objects” is simply an attack on sex, period, or rather, on hetero-sex. These new monsters of the female gender are out to destroy the lovely and age-old custom-delighted in by normal women the world over-of women dressing to attract men and succeeding at this pleasant task. What a dull and dreary world these termagants would impose upon us! A world where all girls look like unkempt wrestlers, where beauty and attractiveness have been replaced by ugliness and “unisex,” where delightful femininity has been abolished on behalf of raucous, aggressive, and masculine feminism.”

The quote reminded me of an experience I had while working for a crap shack retailer.

I had mentioned to one of my male co workers to look at the hot chick with the sexy heels walking by our store. I remember speaking in a language with my co worker in some banter that only two single guys in their twenties can understand, something like bend over Ill drive, your standard horny single guy humor. Later my supervisor wrote me a reprimand for inappropriate behavior. Not knowing that the the female employee, who was hot too, was eavesdropping while pretending to be on the phone, told the supervisor she was offended and uncomfortable working with me. Suffice to say my career at the retailer was short lived.


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