A Good Afternoon For Rope Play

Sunny warm weather seems to bring out the sexiness in most. We spent the day running errands around town, Georgia wore a short skirt, no panties. Always enjoyable, tantalizing the working fellas, or those who happened to be driving a large truck.

We spent some time in a couple of shops teasing each other about the occasional sexy woman walking by. I teased Georgia quite a bit, having easy access and her looking so hot and all…

After we arrived home, Georgia spent some time outside tanning, which for me was an opportunity to take some pics, talk dirty to her, then get her worked up so much she attacks me furiously.  Which after a bit I decided to get the rope, feeling that she should be tied and teased much more than she already had been today.

I had Georgia tied hands over her head up against the wall, teasing her body, spanking her for a bit, getting her very desperate for gratification. I proceeded to tie a chest harness around her, thinking in the long run I could take the rope thats tied around her hands to spread her legs, then tease her with the riding crop a bit more.

Was admiring my handiwork, but could sense that her arms were getting a bit stressed being over her head for that amount of time. I led her to the edge of the bed, had her kneel before it, then placed my demanding cock in front of her, she wasted no time impaling herself on my rigid member, wrapping her mouth around it hungrily. When she is in the position of being able to only use her mouth she is quite eager to please.

Once my cock was adamantine, shining wet from her tongue, I bent her over the bed, tying the rope that bound her hands to the bed post stretching her arms sexily. I pumped hard into her, grunting furiously, holding onto the chest harness wrapped around her body. The orgasm was infinite, shaking both of us, we held into one other for a long quiet moment.

Afterwords we chatted about the chest harness and the differing variations we will have to implement. Such as trying something different that a straight wrap, tying more around the waist, also varying the tie around her shoulders more. We have learned quite a bit for never having any real experience, as we make sure to review our likes and dislikes afterward. Makes for better play the next time around.

Til then,


2 Responses

  1. Ooh, very nice use of the harness.

    I like that. I think I want that…

  2. ty very much for the comment, the harness was hot, I had to have something to hold on to, it was sexy driving into her roughly 🙂

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