Fellatio…is it really work?

According to wiki, fellatio (aka getting head, blow job, or sucked off) has been around for a gazillion years. Origination has been attributed to the Kama Sutra in the 1st century AD, and the women of the isle of Lesbos were famous for their skills. Today, however, its a bone of contention (no pun intended) in the modern world. A group of my co-workers were discussing this past-time the  other day at work, and the general consensus was ‘ewww gross! Not since college!” I know you’ll be surprised that they were fine with receiving oral sex, by the by; An interesting side note I thought.

So here’s my thoughts on this particular act of sexual gratification.  Is it really work? Repeated gagging and the plethora of saliva that you have to manage can be a real kill-joy, but Ive found that when you embrace the idea…and learn a little technique…well lets just say Jay gets his regular allotment of head with no complaints.  First and foremost, it gives me the most control of any sexual act.  Granted, its not over my own pleasure, but I can tease, torment, and generally make Jay beg for mercy when Im on my game.  Ive tried every cheesy Cosmo technique…every Kama Sutra command…to find what will get Jay off in under 2 minutes. Let me be clear…its not a lack of stamina on his part….Im just positive what gets him going…practice, practice, practice ;o) That degree of control over his cock gives me A LOT of satisfaction. I can get him off…or stop just short and wait a couple of hours (while he follows me around hoping for more). It flat turns me on.The real challenge is to get him close, then make him fuck me til I cum before he does!

Second. If Im tired, sore, menstrual, etc, and (because I care about how Jay feels) want to give him some.  A blowjob is a quick and easy solution. If my back hurts, I promise he will arrange himself in whatever way he needs to if it means head is in his future. 15 minutes out of my day, and I guarantee he spends the rest of his day dreaming about me.  It shows I care about his needs, and its not that big a deal.

Its also convenient for PDA’s (if your an exhibitionist sort). Yes, Jay has gotten the stereotypical changing room blow job (titillating in itself), driving down the highway (for the viewing pleasures of the nations trucking industry), and in a secluded corner of the park for a picnic/leisurely spring afternoon.  Lets face facts here; Its convenient. He can whip his beautiful cock out and get some with relative discretion. Yes I might have to wait a bit to get mine, but after the ‘Wow that was amazing’ wears off, he’s definitely thinking about how to give the love back.  ;o)

I can understand a little, how my female pals can find it gross, I really do. Saliva running down your chin if you dont swallow it, salty pre-cum, ramming that old gag reflex repeatedly, and the pulsatile shot to the back of your throat, can sometimes be more than you can deal with. I found that learning some techniques, communicating with my partner about what feels amazing, and some applied enthusiasm made the hugest difference.  I can say with all honesty, the rewards are worth WAY MORE than the effort.  Reciprocation is always an added bonus, and isnt sex just that much more fun when your wet and turned on?  You’ve just guaranteed your partner will work his ass off to please you!

Ive read statistics that say 30% of women have NEVER tried oral sex of either variety (fellatio or cunnilingus).  All I can say to that is…how sad! They’re missing out on a whole dimension of sex.  Sex without oral sex is like sex without kissing in my book.  Its a way to please and worship your partners body in the most intimate of ways.  It can be a quickie, foreplay, a tease, a service, or an opportunity to worship your partners body with your mouth. Regardless of the motivation, read articles about ‘how to give great head’, ask questions, and Im positive you wont have difficulty finding a subject to practice on. So give a blow job to someone you care about today!

(I promise this wasn’t written by Jay in an attempt to promote blow-jobs…just by a woman that loves them!)



2 Responses

  1. I agree, I LOVE to give head. I find it so satisfying to be able to make my man cum with only my mouth.

    Unfortunately for me, sex has been non existent in my hie for the last 2 months, which includes any kind of oral sex. read my blog and you can see.

    So I find myself wanting to have oral sex with random friends or even strangers! 🙂

  2. LOL, find something you love to do and you’ll never work a day in your life. I wouldn’t say it’s work. I’d say it’s another facet of the rigorous love-making I enjoy. I love giving head. I love the power and the control it gives me. I go the opposite way than most women. At some point in college I realized that yeah I could go for speed, but he can go for speed playing with himself. I decided to draw it out. The result is that I’m up to about two hours of bringing men to the edge and backing off over and over. They don’t cum until I am ready for them to cum. It’s the closest thing to a multiple orgasm that I can give my lover. I have made lovers cry with joy. I have made them beg for mercy. So when I hear that women consider the typical 5min blow job work, that makes me sad.

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