Pandering For Tittilation

If you are a grazer of bdsm pastures you might have heard of the recently published book “Whip Smart” by Melissa Febos. I wouldnt waste anyones time by suggesting you read the book, instead I would refer you to Mistress Matisse review. Matisse’s critique of Febos is very straightforward without sounding too self righteous.

After listening to Matisse interview of Febos I cant help but think that given Ms Febos credentials, she would have articulated a broader perspective regarding her experiences. *sigh such is the by product of eastern liberal arts colleges.

Too often bdsm culture however you define it, is taken way too seriously, persons such as Mistress Matisse, Twisted Monk, and many others provide a very laid back  and “fun” approach to bdsm.  Hence, when books such as the one above are released its important to point out, though it may be obvious, its not the typical bdsm experience.


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