Finally A Reason To Go The OB/GYN

This article caught my eye, and since the doctor featured in the story is affiliated with LELO, I thought I would share. Kudos to the doctor for recognizing a demand, then supplying that demand, then breaking down the barriers to good sex.

From the article:

And Scheinfeld’s secret weapon, in terms of making sex toys more attractive and nonthreatening, appears to be Brenda Catapano, 47, his bosomy and effervescent office manager. Since the doctor himself doesn’t feel it’s appropriate for him to demonstrate the vibrators with women, he passes along that task to Catapano, who tackles the job with infectious relish. “This is a keeper,” she purrs, pressing a murmuring cock ring up against a visiting reporter’s belly. “Whenever I introduce it to the ladies and gentlemen, I always have them feel it, touch it, play with it.” She pulls open the rubber ring to show how it fastens around the penis and then stretches it wider to illustrate how a guy would wrap it around his testicles, too.

Now thats our kind of ob/gyn !


2 Responses

  1. Dear JM,
    Thank you so much for your understanding
    and support of what I am doing in my office.I think
    there are so many men and women who could be
    helped by making sexual health products accessible
    in a professional and private environment. I hope all
    physicians will recognize this, be supportive and
    provide this service to their patients.
    Andrew Scheinfeld,M.D.

    • No problem! wish I lived in NY…Id make an appt!

      I used to work for some OB/GYN’s in middle America, and women were consistently asking me questions they didn’t feel comfortable asking the doctor. I found it sad, because most of the questions were ‘is this normal’ or basic sex questions. Women just don’t have a forum to learn about their sexuality other than Cosmo, and are so uncomfortable with their bodies to touch themselves and find out what feels good. So its good to know there is a doctor out there that makes a safe environment for education and exploration. Sex is so much more fun when it feels good!

      So keep up the good work!


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