Its Not Sex Addiction

Intelligence and sex to me are a potent aphrodisiac, among the most potent is ErosBlog; today’s piece was particularly interesting. The piece Eros elaborates about, I would add, demonstrates the consequences of the negative effect of the tabloid style psycho-babble that dominates day time television.

From the post:

There’s a frequent belief, among monogamy-minded wives, that their wifely prerogatives include not just the right to demand their husband’s exclusive sexual attention, but also the right to demand his lack of sexual attention — to, if they so choose, stop having sex with him while simultaneously expecting him to remain faithful and even refrain from porn and masturbation. It’s selfish, unrealistic, and disturbingly common. (And, yes, sometimes you can flip the genders and get the same story — not as often, but it happens.)

Sums up pretty nicely misconceived expectations within a typical marriage  (however you want to define a marriage).


2 Responses

  1. I am in that boat, if you flip the gender. If you have read my blog, you know what I am saying.

    My husband has not had sex with me in almost 2 months. Its very frustrating.

  2. @betty, we feel your pain and it sucks for anyone to be in that position.

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