I Tied Her So I Could Tease Her Nipples !

I love “rope practice”. Rope is certainly an obsession of ours, we enjoy tying each other, gazing at each other, anxiously excited about being restricted in some way, having the other tease your body, give you a drink, or scratch your chin when your hands cant reach.

The other day we took some pics, in addition to a bit of play. Georgia looked absolutely delicious wearing nothing but sheer black panties.

I then had her on the chair ready for me. My effort at the star chest harness you can find at Two Knotty Boys website.

This pic turned out interesting, Georgia looks like she is falling.  As always you have to take a hundred to get one decent one.

Then when she is in this position I cant resist petting her ass, squeezing her sexy nipple, and running my hands into her sweet pleasures hidden away.

Happy Tying !


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