A Quick Spank

Mia was naked, bent onto the table her round ass displayed seductively. She was blindfolded, her hands were bound in leather cuffs behind her back, her face laying on a pillow facing her left side. Her legs were spread exposing her ready lips, light brown pubic hair glistened in the light.  Marko was standing behind her naked save for spanking new white Nike shoes on his feet. He had just spent the last few minutes oiling both their bodies, taking his time to massage Mia, fondling her breasts,  allowing her to relax her mind, letting her body swim in the ocean of relaxation.

Marko’s cock was rock hard, glistening, slick, he teased Mia by rubbing the head of his cock against her clit, spreading her ass to feel her wetness. His hands dug deep into her ass, he could her moaning, wanting to push her pussy onto his cock.

Tracing circles around her ass, slowly inserting his finger. She invited him into her, tightly swallowing his finger, bathing in the excitement coursing through her body. Marko slowly worked an experienced finger in and out of her. Causing her to cum once already, at the same time his finger was inside of her he was gently tapping her clit.

He picked up a slim cane from the tray that displayed his selection of toys for this moment.

He lightly tapped her ass letting her feel what he had in his hand. The cane traveled along the curve of her ass, down her leg, tickling her, she shook her legs slightly. Marko saw her writhing, could hear her moaning, he landed the first strike of the cane across her ass, not very hard, light enough for her to get excited. She wiggled her ass, moaning, he struck her again, slightly harder, then again, and again, ten times in all. She was moaning, growing wet, begging him to slide his cock inside of her. The red lines across her ass spoke to both of them, telling them both this was sexy as hell, and about to get even hotter for the both of them.

The cane was tickling her ass, the lingering singe was flowing through Mia’s body, her pussy was wet, pink lips swelling, inviting penetration. Marko admired the symmetrical lines, five on each ass cheek, he massaged her ass, sensitive hands running in circles, stimulating the results of the caning. Marko’s erection was still proud, feeling energized he took some pictures of his handiwork, then resumed the business of their pleasure.

Going back to the table, retrieving from it a black anal plug, oiling it liberally he began teasing her ass gently. He then readied the anal plug, slowly inserting inside of her, stopping momentarily at the plugs widest point.

” OOOOhhh fuck, that is so fucking awesome fuck me, please i want your cock now.” Mia was very exuberant in her exclamations,  each moan increased in volume.

The anal plug was inserted her hips still wriggling to the sensations inside of her. Marko grabbed another toy from the table, this was a length of chain that at one end had a clamp that was designed for the clit. He massaged Mia’s gently parting her lips, pushing her button ever so intently. He attached the clamp.

She screamed in delight at the new sensations exploding through her.

“Fuck I am going to cum again ! Oh god, fuck, I want your cock so bad right now ! Give it to me !”

Marko laughed, “not yet baby”. He tugged gently on the clit clamp, exciting her into a frenzy, her knees buckling, her ass writhing.

The last sexy implement he was going to use was a short length of leather similar to a belt. Marko laid the belt on her back, sliding it back slowly for her to feel every bit of the soft leather. Getting her used to the sensations, the weight of the strap on her ass. Marko then began slapping her ass, light red marks appeared on her ass, tugging on the clit clamp he could see her wetness dripping from her onto the short pussy hairs around her lips. He slapped her a couple of more times, then walked around to her face.

His cock still rock hard, her lips were open for him, moaning, telling him how she wanted him, how she needed him inside of her. He obliged sliding his cock into her mouth, she accepted it gratefully, hungrily, like a cold drink on a hot summer day, she took all of him. Mia inhaled his cock, her lips and tongue greedily lapping Markos rigid cock.

His hands were on the back of her head now, forcing her down on his cock.  Her saliva rolling onto his hardness, to his balls, then down his leg. He was fucking her mouth now, Mia was letting him. Each time his cock slid on her tongue the leather paddle met her ass leaving long red marks across her.

Mia enjoyed the paddle across her ass, she was moving her hips as he rhythmically slapped her ass with the paddle. Mia’s mouth clung tightly onto his cock feeling him getting ready to cum, more slaps from the paddle, her body trembling as came harder each time.

She took all of his cock into her, relaxing her mouth to allow him to feel her warm soft space. Marko’s head rolled back, he made his last thrust into her and exploded, she swallowed all that he gave her. As he came he rubbed her ass gently with great emotion, the deepest feeling that connected them both.

Cooing softly too her, telling her she was his baby, his one, he loved her.

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