Ahhhh….sweet relief…

So Jay decided to make up for yesterdays sweet, yet frustrating, torture today…lol

Earlier today…I was surfing blogs…seeing what there was to see…and all the play yesterday just came back in a tidal wave-sized surge…and I decided that the time was now…he could either put out…or I was handling it myself…I searched the house and found Jay in the garage doing whatever man crap he was doing…I walked up behind him, grabbed his ass, fisted my hand in his hair and kissed him hard and wet…an evil grin from him and I was feeling pretty confident I was going to get my way…Next thing I know…Im flipped around and bent over the hood of the car…my yoga pants were jerked down…and I could feel his hard cock sliding along my ass….and then it slid into my already wet and aching pussy…I almost came from the initial penetration. I love it when he fucks me from behind…it hits all my yummy spots just right…the orgasm that came within about 10 seconds was so intense…I was grateful I had some support or I probably would have folded into a pile of quivering boneless flesh….lol…he was as turned on as I was…but Jay loves to torture me…so rather than waiting for him to cum….I took it from him….I slammed my ass against him…burrying his cock in me over and over until he came…

Later in the day we ‘took a nap’ and had an encore to our earlier quickie. I was reading my kindle when he told me to take off my pants. He had me straddle his naked groin with his hard cock sliding against my clit…and told me to read one of my sex scenes from the book Im currently engrossed in (Kushiel’s Chosen) Needless to say that I wasn’t able to read for long. I was wet…my clit was hard…and I was so turned on. He wrapped his arm around my waist and flipped me over on to my belly…and fucked me….whispering in my ear fantasies inspired by (and specifically intended) to push me over the edge…I came 3 times…bam bam bam….and when he decided I’d had enough…joined me in bliss…

While yesterday was frustrating….today was satisfying…and I still have time before bed for the trifecta ;o)


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  1. I need my girl to give me some of that sweet relief right about now… Where did she go?!?

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