I want to cum…

So…its 6pm where I am….and I find Im having a frustrating day… Jay has been tormenting me all day…

It started this morning…he told me first thing that I wasn’t allowed to cum without asking first…

Then started the torture…it started with a casual caress of my breast while I was cooking breakfast…a slap on the ass if I tried to touch him in return because, as I was then informed, I had to ask to do that too…

Now, I think of myself as a switch…so I definitely have a few top-ish tendencies…but being told that if I didn’t play by the rules he set forth…I would have the pleasure of Jay jerking off and cumming on my ass with no gratification for me…definitely put some motivation to my actions.

A little later, he continued by unzipping my jeans…sliding his hand down the front of my pants…and playing with my wet, swollen clit and slowly, with exquisite precision…brought me to the edge of orgasm….then leaving me weak-kneed and flushed…my pussy pulsing in time to my racing heart…my breath quick and shallow…I want to scream…

Every time I ask sweetly to touch him….or respond with the appropriate ‘Yes Baby’…Im rewarded with kisses on my neck that give me goosebumps…or a quick stroke of my pussy….Every time I forget the rules…my jeans are pulled down so he can look at my ass and stroke the cock I want so bad to be buried deep in my pussy…and all I can do is watch…and get wetter…more swollen….more delicious ache…and then a firm smack on the ass as my jeans are pulled up with no joy for me…

The latest torture….Jay pushed me over so my upper body lay on the bar….jerked my jeans down…and slid his very erect, hard, thick cock in me exactly the way I like it…firm…as deep as he can get…his groin slapping against my ass…the head of his cock gliding over my G-spot…Im so close….my eyes slide slowly shut…I lick my lips in anticipation…imagining a pussy before me to feast on…so close…the orgasm rushes toward me and I gasp as abruptly, harshly…there is nothing…He grabs my arms from behind….pulls me up….turns me around to see his hard cock still glistening with my juices and says…

‘You didn’t ask to cum…’

So now my pussy aches….my nipples are pebbles from the high level of arousal coursing through my body…and I have several hours left before I sleep…and all I can think is ‘Please let him touch me again….please let him make me cum and ease the pressure that has built all day with no release…

I need a cold shower…. ;o)

6 Responses

  1. Fuck, I’m frustrated for you.

  2. WOW HOT is all I can say.

    You know, he said you needed permission, not that you couldn’t ask!


    Stop by my journal sometime. I’ll be keeping an eye out here.

    — saphi{X}

  3. I am still denying her what she is aching for…

    Should I acquiesce ?


  4. The evil penguin approves.


  5. I love this game ;D

  6. its our favorite game to play !

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