Trantali Prisoners

The drivers whip cracked at the heads of the large oxen beasts laden with a wooden yoke over their shoulders, the beasts kept their pace solemnly. The Trantali driver was shouting  “on mokes on mokes”.

They were pulling a long low wooden trailer with poles in each corner sticking up to eight feet in the air, attached to the top of the poles were long beams that created the skeleton of a box. The design was purely functional as it was a slave wagon full of new slaves fresh from the Sundrin Hills. The slaves were all standing, hands cuffed by metal bracelets, linking each bracelet was ring, and through this ring a chain was attached which hooked the slave hands above her heads to the long beam running the length of the wagon. The slaves were naked and gagged, consistently without purpose it seemed they were whipped by the Trantali guards that flanked the slaves wagon on foot and horse.

Each slave had to lean into the slave next to them to counter the balance of the wagon, this seemed to excite the guards as they would hoot and whip at the slaves. At the end of the wagon was a platform, about 10ft in diameter, in the middle of this platform was a small pedestal; bent over the pedestal was a very large woman. Her gargantuan ass posited upright, her cheeks spread apart with leather strap. Her legs wide and strapped to the platform floor, her hands were strapped in front of her, her mouth opened, the clamps that held her cheeks wide were attached to her mouth, her sagging, bulbous jugs held out in front of her. She was being penetrated by two guards, while two more were sliding their cocks on her saggy flesh, rubbing the slave with oils, slapping their cocks on her body. The guard fucking her ass was howling loudly slapping hardly onto her cheeks his cock pounding her deeply.

In between strikes of the whip the slaves on the wagon merely looked around at each other desperately, looking into one another eyes only the stories told to frighten them from traveling outside their lands were in their minds. Each knowing the rumors of the Trantali. Some of the women were in panic, shrieking, wailing to the sky or their god. Others stared blankly quietly accepting their fate. Not a one would dare look at the woman on the platform.

The leader of this band of Trantali was Ogo, mounted on a large black horse, currently dispensing his obtained wisdom from 30 years of running slaves to his new protege Mikago.

“When you get a new batch you want to make sure you keep the catch fresh, which is why we have the appetizer on the platform.” waving a hand to the platform behind them. “You make sure your men understand that there is no good outcome from ruining a good slave, keeping them in a good condition til market is imperative of course, but knowing how is the key, make sure your men are not desperate, not hungry, always visit the brothel the night before. Keep your catch with a healthy fear of you and your men, they need know that escape is futile that you are their new owners and that you control their entire existence from this time on out. Some traders are more cruel, some like to sample their catch before market, but I dont, I pick the best for my own stable and sell the rest. You want to make sure they wont hurt themselves either, keeping them always bound is a must, you will never know what they will try, I have seen some slaves take out four or five men with her bare hands, or having them conspire together, you make sure your men that guard your slaves understand they must not let them have time to think, always keep them guessing.”

Ogo paused, looked from left to right scanning the horizon, a large valley was before them and at this point the road to Ushuntu wound down a mountain road, switchbacks were  numerous, points of ambush were plentiful. Though Ogo did not consider his caravan would be attacked, but caution was always exercised, Ogo did have his rivals. He sniffed the air, looked around for any changes of condition in the ground, the trees, the path before him. When all seemed well with him, Mikago could see no change of anything anywhere, Ogo leaned his mount in the direction of the road, and continued his monologue.

“The trade is getting about as good as it can get now, with the kingdom expanding and the King not keen to let us play second fiddle to the Realonia, for too long have they regulated the trade, instilling in our culture a guilt that only serves to divide our way of life. For too long have they sat in smug esteem in their own houses, delivering to all a pansy weak ideology that undermines mans true nature, but not to digress too far, right now our army is as strong as theirs, they have been unable to stop in anyway our advances into the Malooko, Arlius, or the Jetti. Though those lands are not situated where the Raelonia can defend them, the fact that they have fallen shows that they are not as strong as we thought, and thanks to the far sightedness of our ruler we are now growing in strength and will soon have new lands willing to submit to us.”

The talk of conquering new lands stirred Ogo into a frenzy, he halted the caravan, dismounted from his horse. He walked along the line of women chained, hands above heads, breasts of all sizes exposed and dangling, the wagon was of low height, and Ogo being an exceptionally tall Trantali looked down at each, slapping breasts with is slim cane, stopping at a younger female, unspoiled even among her own kin, he kneaded the slaves breast, slapped her across the face and spun her around. He spread her ass before him, kicking her ankles wider, commanding her to do the same. He inserted a finger into her ass and with the other hand loosened his trousers so they fell to his ankles.

Trantali men have larger than average cocks, averaging eight to ten inches in length they were proud of the large phallus and would display them with pride on certain occasions. Ogo was now stiff, his large cock was at complete ready, he took from his mouth a bit of saliva rubbing it along his cock then inserted into the young flesh before him, the girls cries only excited him more as he pumped furiously, quickly, using her tits to pull her into him. He climaxed and held her hips momentarily, he hooted and yelped as was the Trantali custom.

Ogo mounted his horse then looked down at his protege “Thats how you keep them in line”

And the slaves wagon continued its journey down the hills.

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