The Capture Of Andrealius

Her name was Andrealius, a daughter of the royal house of Harrsalin. She had the misfortune to be traveling in lands roamed by the rival Trantalia clan. The Trantali were a tribe of marauding, half civilized barbarians known for the vicious temperament as regulators of the slave trade.

Andrealius was crying with guilt about what she had gotten herself into. She hadnt meant to travel so far. She was tired and merely wanted to lay down to rest. Just a short, quick rest.  Her body was aching from the long ride.

The Trantalia caught her napping on the banks of the river Thysone. Andrealius had been traveling for three consecutive days before collapsing into a rush of thickets, only to awake on her left side with hands bound to feet, mouth gagged, staring at the back of a woman’s bushy, tangled head in a position identical to her own.  She saw the black leathers of the hairy, bearded guards, and immediately recognized it as Trantalia. Trantalia viewed women as a commodity to be exploited for profit. The Trantalia were a powerful tribe, rivals to her own people, and relations in the last few years had been tense. The Trantalia had ceased all trade with Raelonius, then delcared them a hostile nation.

Closing her eyes in despair, immediately she focused on knowing that, unlike the others who have ‘disappeared’ someone will be looking for her.  How long before they realize who she is ? Worse was the fact that it was very rare for a Raelonian to be a captive of the Trantalia. The Raelonian would choose death before being subjected to the sadistic Trantalia. Them finding out who she was she would be a very valuable slave, one who could be used as a bargaining chip at best, or worst she would be made an example of, a coveted prize. The Trantalia were very brutal with their pets, of this she knew was not a rumor.

Andrealius herself had only recently begun to realize her own significance. The blue eyes she was born with would slowly flash a deep green from time to time. Her parents sending for all the priests to speculate about her fate, guards to watch over her, being fussed constantly over by everyone. She just wanted to go away for a while. No more talk of this goddess stuff. She wasnt a god, she was young woman with her life in front of her.

The Trantalia knew the legends, for if they find out who she is they may try to kill her, or worse cause her to become an angry vengeful god. The priests told her the twelve months after your 25th year are crucial, as your mind will be fought over by the gods themselves.

Those thoughts were interrupted as rough meaty hands removed her from the cage. Standing her on her feet, hands still bound behind her back she was lucky in that the guard put a blindfold on her before giving any meaningful look at her eyes.

They were talking about her.

“Good enough for the King, right Bracco ? She has Raelonian markings.” His cane tracing the bright outline of feathers that circled her forearm.

At the mention of Raelonian the guards all turned their heads to look, the ones not busy with prisoners stepped for a closer look.

Blindfolded Andrealius could feel hands on her, the pointed rough end of the cane tracing the markings indicating her family house on her forearm.

“Oh yes, but too good for the likes of you Glurt.” Bracco responded by hitting Glurts face with the cane, leaving a deep red slash.

He chuckled, stepping towards Anrdrealius his hand roughly grabbed the back of her head.

“Oh yes you are a pretty one,lets have off with these skins,” he said roughly cutting through her skins, exposing her breasts , the gems around her erect nipples glowing softly. He cut away her leggings, exposing an island of reddish fur surrounded by creamy skin. She was shaking with fear of what were to happen next. The guards stared intently at the Raelonian markings on her body, the bird feathers on her right forearm.

“Bah” Bracco said, “don’t worry nothing will happen to you lass, you are for the upper house, ha,ha, ha don’t worry slave, you will have a life of fulfilling Makholos dictate.”

He grasped her by the back of her head, forcing her head downward, bending her in half. He led her around in a circle, hungrily gazing at her body moving, laughing as she trembled unsure of what was to happen next. Bracco slapped Andrealius’ ass, keeping his hand in place squeezing her soft ass cheek tightly, probing her opening with his finger.  Releasing her he summoned the guard to take her to be presented before King Yur.

Andrealius walked bent over hands behind her back on the long march to the Kings chamber.

Forcibly pushed to her knees before King Yur, arms bound behind her back. She was still blindfolded with the black fabric, naked, hands bound, her bodied was colored in patterns of sacred birds, and tribal markings, that indicated the Harrsalin family.

The Kings chamber was crowded with Trantalia hierarchy and decadence. The Kings personal slaves were arrayed before him, some visible aroused by what Andrealius could not tell, others oblivious to anything going on around them it seemed.

A slave was currently vigorously sucking the cock of the favored son of the King; Tongbique. Tong, who was staring intently at their new prize Andrealius, holding the chain that was attached to the ring around the neck slave sucking his erect cock. The High Priest,  was in deep conversation with a Priestess, who was leaned back, legs spread wide gently tickling her nipples, a slave was licking her clit softly. Guards kept a wary eye on all the guests lining at the entrance, waiting for an audience with the King.

The black scarf around Andrealius’ head was removed, blinking her eyes rapidly to focus, immediately she saw King Yur.She had heard about this powerful, cruel king. He had very long braided colorful hair, reminding her of the Alkateet songbirds with their yellow, red, and blue, colored wings. He was draped in a skin of wolf arrayed with a number of large leopard teeth, his furred boots were decorated with serpent skins, and in the center of his broad muscled chest glowed a bright green emerald ruby. King Yurs eyes were black as night, his chiseled face conveyed the menace of all the Trantali.

As soon as Andrealius blinked her eyes rapidly to focus, King Yur’s eyes had widened, his expression of disbelief, springing to his feet launching himself at Andrealius she tried to move but he caught her face in his hands to look deep into her eyes.

Andrealius eyes were a whirlpool of blue melting into green, glowing slighlty, mesmerizing the King if only for a moment. He stared deeply into her, gripping her chin, his face now close to hers sniffing deeply, he licked her cheek.

“The tales are true then, we have heard of this magic eyed female recently. We have sent many a spy to bring her to me.” King Yur was inspired, if the tales were true, then he would truly be a powerful king, the thought entered his mind once and for all he could expand his empire. To bring down the hated house of Chri, along with the hallowed alliance of the four states, which Bognarsil was the epicenter.

He summoned his High Priest to confirm his immediate suspicions.

Andrealius was not sure of what was to become of her next. Knowing only little of her significance, she was now aware of a power that was bottled inside of her. Inside herself an awakening was happening she felt she was hanging upside down in her lover Calabians bed chamber, covered in rope, being swung from her feet.

“You must the one who the prophecy has foretold according to your legend. We Trantali do not subscribe to the theory that you are a returning god however. Had it been so you would have smitten us all in one stroke. No you may very strong but not quite godlike.” He continued staring at Andrelius, his dark eyes examining her body and soul.

“You are quite valueable to us, its not frequent that we get a royal raelonian slave, its been many many years. My grandfather had one, two in fact I believe, ever and on would her regale us of  stories of their stamina, depravity, and loyalty. And once they were broken, they were quite loyal. As of now though we shall treat you as we do all our royal guests, unfortunately for you its may not be what you are accustomed too, princess Andrealius” The King sneered at her menacingly, his raw sexual musk penetrated her nostrils.

At the moment his eyes were burning into Andrealius, she felt herself becoming warm, almost hot, the feeling that is the dawn of sickness. She wanted to disgorge all she was feeling in the direction of this menacing King. They would have no such favor over her, to have her as a pet to do tricks on command.  She felt herself bubbling over, unable to control herself. Andrealius breathed deeply not wanting to create misery for herself, she told herself the time is not right for rebuke. She calmed herself, opening her eyes widely, they burned right back at the King.

Andrealius looked back at the King, he was talking in whispers to his aide. A young slave girl stared mutely back at Andrealius. The slave girl had the markings on her face, intricate red and blue lines creating a spider web appearance. Andrealius then noticed similar markings on others in the chamber. Must be the Kings guard, or property of the king.

The King then summoned the guards who had brought her in to the room, they stood behind her. The King barked forceful instructions to them as they slid a silken hood over Andrealius face, picked her up by her arms leading her out of the Kings chamber.


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