More Music To Screw Too – Soul Mix

Some more music to play while you and yours “discover the wonders of nature”.

Before I list any individual tunes, check out SomaFM listener supported radio. My personal favorite is Secret Agent radio, great music for bondage scenes.

Lets punch our ticket on the Soul Train take a ride to through Motown, to the laid back dreamy haze of the seventies. All of the following songs can have a slight D/s theme, though it may take a certain “frame of mind” for that to be apparent.

First stop with The Supremes despite this songs upbeat melody its a counterpoint to the dark undertone of the lyrics.

Heres Gladys Knight and Pips, their harmonies are amazing, the Pips punctuate Gladys in a way no one has done before or since.

Then Aretha. None have come close to touching this women in terms of the raw powerful emotion of her voice.

Sly and Family Stone, its really a great long kisses, fingers trailing over curves kind of tune; lay back in bed post coitus, listen to this while watching the ceiling spin.

The Staple Singers a diamond in the rough of the Stax Records stable of artists. Mavis has a voice that rivals Arethas, its a damn shame that the Staples Singers didnt have more success.

Marvin Gaye, this song will cause you to want to move your body close to someone sexy, rub against them, wrap your arms around their waste grinding your hips into theirs. You will then want to find a comfortable place to get naked, hands, tongues, legs, searching each others bodies, gliding your hands over one another…dont say I didnt warn you :-).

If you have any suggestions feel free to let me know 🙂

Happy Listening.


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