Shower Then A Snack

I love to be in the shower with Georgia. Watching the water run off her skin, I think of myself as a bead of water, traveling down her spine washing over her supple round ass.

Her skin sparkles like morning dew; I lather her shoulders in soap, massaging her.

I continue around her nipples looking into her eyes, seeing her smile giggling softly. Dropping my hands to her waist running in circles on her skin, dripping soap I linger for a moment to taste her clit, kissing it with my lips, thinking of my cock inside of her. After washing her legs I begin to shave her. Long strokes from ankle to knee then knee to thigh. I shave her pubic hair to my satisfaction, sometimes its a diamond, sometimes a landing strip, or occasionally a light bit of fur above her clit.

Then comes my favorite activity of rinsing her body of the bubbly soap. Trailing the water over her toned back, she bends over to expose her ass to me. I tell her to turn around and show me her clit; directing the shower head to her, I select the pulse setting teasing her mercilessly.

The shower head in my hand, my cock getting plump, I finish washing her body. Shutting the water off, I grab a towel to dry every inch of her body. Freshly showered  Georgia flashes me a smile and shines like a diamond exposed to light.

A primal urge pulses through me, Georgia senses my arousal; she sits on the edge of the bed with her legs spread, freshly shaved. I kneel in front of her hungering over her beautiful bits, I venture with my tongue first, softly kissing. I make teasing licks, then to full blown lapping of her clit, hearing her moan excites me more. She grabs the back of head, fistful of hair, I am not licking her so much as she is fucking my mouth, she orgasms three times.

Seeing and feeling her get off is as satisfying as getting off myself. Georgia knows that I will be extremely horny the rest of the day so she will do her best to tease me, getting me hard, then switching gears. All day she will tease me until I cannot take it any longer, shes devilishly wicked like that.


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  1. Yum.

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