Drinks and Suspension Part 2

The rope suspension play the other night was pretty amazing. Seeing G get tied up, her ass played with was quite arousing. I was very turned on the whole evening, I almost brandished my cock for her to play with while she was getting her ass stroked. I am sure our hosts would have enjoyed approvingly 🙂

The evening was very sexy, talking about being tied, our lady hostess, who I refer to as Sugar, had stated that it would be fun to tie Georgia. Her boyfriend, and our host Trickster, laughed in agreement. Georgia was dressed in some very sexy heels, jeans, and a black shirt, she was yummy, heads in the bar turned to stare, the yuppie boys all stole a glance. Georgia is one of those ladies who generates a very sexual buzz, the men folk will know what I mean, some women just have that vibe. Georgia is one of those women, yes I thank my lucky stars every night.

The suspension part of the evening generated even more excitement. I was pretty much in my own little half scene going with Sugar, enjoying her caning, flogging, contemplatively looking at me for delectable entertainment.  I watched Georgia being tied, the body harness in the pictures situated her very nicely. She was the tasty eye candy for the evening, we all enjoyed being around her, her playfulness at being suspended was a turn on for everyone. Trickster was very patient, respectful, and deliberate when tying Georgia, he did a wonderful job with the tying showing us some the ways to get a body ready for suspension.

The pink looked sexy against her skin, tied around her hips, knotted just above her tasty parts. I was getting very turned on by seeing her suspended, wanting to rub her ass, to touch her, it was all I could do to keep my hands off her. I continued to dedicate myself to investigating the bottom experience of flogging. Georgia got to be touched and teased while being suspended, Trickster and Sugar, I am sure, had some kinky thoughts going through their minds. Heres one with Sugar teasing G’s ass.

It was unfortunate we ran out time, as I am sure some kinkier play might have come about. We might have had to remove G’s thong to tease what is underneath.


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