Twofer Last Night

Last night I was completing the usual right before bed tasks turning off lights, making sure doors were locked, feeding the fish. As I came to bed, Georgia was waiting for me naked. Curled around a pillow, sexy hips looking up at me languidly, she was the sexy mint left on my pillow. I love G’s eyes, especially as the night time candle flickers in her irises.

I snuggled in beside, being the big spoon, letting myself break into her like a wave. My hands found the soft fur between her legs, exploring further I could feel her beginning to moisten for me. My cock getting very rigid, I held it against her pussy, tickling her clit with various degrees of pressure. A few minutes of kissing her neck, the smooth lines of her hips and legs. I squeezed her nipples, turning her to me, then plunging my tongue deep in her mouth. Deep wet kisses creates dynamic electricity.

I sat up, took her hair in my hand, then told her she would now get to enjoy my cock. She had been without it for a couple of days, she hungered for it, very wet for me, I laid back, pushed her head on my cock, and found her clit as my right hand reached up between her ass. She was leaned over on my stomach slowly licking my cock, swallowing it in deliberate gulps. G lingers over the head of my shaft, licking around it tightly, squeezing the base keeping me very rigid. I tell her how I like her to make out with my cock, instructing her to take it all the way in her mouth, or lick the shaft, or to suck my balls more. She complies always, gets more enthused for my cock, lathering it nicely, she gets me very stiff.

I have been fingering her slowly this entire times , she has cum once already, pussy swollen for me, I tighten my grip on her clit once more, then put her on her back. By this time my cock has to have release, I am on the brink of explosion. Its at this time she spreads her legs for me, licks and bites my nipples, which stimulate me even more. I slide into her, pounding her furiously, sliding my middle finger in her ass, I hold her into me as my cock increases its pace. We grip each other into a vice like hold, breathing heavily we cum very hard together, relaxing into a heap onto each other, holding onto the that euphoric moment.

It was a pretty hot session, so hot in fact, that I had gotten up to go brush my teeth. Coming back Georgia was standing up her hands on the bed bent over stretching herself. Something about her standing in that specific way triggered something primal in me. My cock immediately become hard, placing my hands on her hips, owning her, she submitting to me. I spread her ass then slid my freshly hard cock into her still wet pussy. I fucked her hard, slamming into her roughly, grunting and moaning with each other we came quickly and as intensely as if the previous session never happened.

Needless to say we slept very well that night, big spoon next to little spoon.

4 Responses

  1. That was VERY hot. 🙂 And the last line was just so sweet. ❤ Thanks for sharing.

  2. That was TOTALLY hot! I wish MY husband would do that! I sleep naked and one morning about 5am I awoke to him spreading my legs and fucking me so good! It was TOTALLY hot!!!
    But he has only done that once!
    I wish he would do that more often!!

    • One of our favorites times is when we are in bed, cuddled drifting off to sleep, my cock finds her tight warmth between her legs. Then we slowly grind against each other, climaxing together, collapsing into a dream.

      Thanks for the lovely comment 🙂


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