Teasing Georgia

I am feeling like tying Georgias hands behind her back, telling her to kneel on the ground. I would wrap her legs in rope so she had to ask for help to stand. At the same time there would be another girl on our bed, on her hands and knees, a collar around her neck, a rope from the collar to the bed. I would display her ass so  Georgia could see it, thinking about the girls pussy, wondering what it feels like, gazing at the curves, the seductive pink lips parting ever so slightly. I would look at Georgia while I was fingering this girl, getting her wet for me, stoking my cock, all the while Georgia watches unable to participate.

I would lightly flog Georgias nipples, caress her mouth, tease her body. I allow Georgia to suck my cock slowly getting it properly hard and wet. Once Georgia has it sufficiently hard, I would step up to our girl on the bed, then slowly slide my cock into her. I would look at Georgia while I am fucking this girl, pounding her, asking Georgia if I should go fast or slow, if I should slap or squeeze this girls ass. Always looking deep into Georgia’s eyes as this girl cums for our pleasure, her ass shaking, her pussy wet, swollen, satisfied.

I wouldnt cum though, thats for Georgia.

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