Mmmm Thats Good Blogging

A blog I like to read very much is the Alex and Suze blog. Which is one blog in their harem of  blogs.

I pay a visit to the Alex and Suze blog often, they post like G and I have sex, frequently with a bit of humor. I like their blogging persona, witty, charming, refreshing. They also have an extensive database of reviews about all types of sex products which they have personally tested. Sex toy reviews being the primary modus operandi of their blog. At Alex and Suze you will find links to many stories, other blogs, and in general is a great starting place for anyone experiencing a sexual awakening.

Cheers to you two keep the good stuff flowing !


One Response

  1. I’m glad you like to read and find our posts enjoyable to read.

    Thanks for the lovely little feature. 🙂

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