I Tied Her So I Could Tease Her Nipples !

I love “rope practice”. Rope is certainly an obsession of ours, we enjoy tying each other, gazing at each other, anxiously excited about being restricted in some way, having the other tease your body, give you a drink, or scratch your chin when your hands cant reach.

The other day we took some pics, in addition to a bit of play. Georgia looked absolutely delicious wearing nothing but sheer black panties.

I then had her on the chair ready for me. My effort at the star chest harness you can find at Two Knotty Boys website.

This pic turned out interesting, Georgia looks like she is falling.  As always you have to take a hundred to get one decent one.

Then when she is in this position I cant resist petting her ass, squeezing her sexy nipple, and running my hands into her sweet pleasures hidden away.

Happy Tying !


Bondage As Visual Art

This morning Graydancer was up early with the bread delivery guy, sure delivered some yummy hot treats. He has provided a couple of very unique stellar bondage documentaries.

The first is this one by Hakalax Productions a terrifically Japanese piece called Kinbaku the Art of Japanese Bondage.

The second is a documentary piece done by Lord Morpheus, which is incredibly hot !

Its called “Comfortable ? I can fix that.” Warning: the trailer is very hot, may cause nether regions to become stimulated.

Then if you happened to be in Cleveland over the weekend of March 20, you might have caught up with Graydancer at the Cleveland GRUE.

Many, many props to Graydancer for his effort this morning. Enjoy the morning treats, then be sure check out his Ropecast, much more rope goodness to be heard.


G-reat rope play !

And I dont mean G-rated ! and its not a Tony the Tiger reference! ;o) Its me, G…fit to be tied.

Jay decided to get busy this afternoon applying some of the hard-won rope knowledge we have been trying to accumulate.  The hardest thing about rope-play (we have found anyway) is the speed with which you can get someone tied and leave them there long enough to have any kind of play before they lose feeling/blood flow…lol Well today he did AWESOME! so much fun…so sexy…so…so…*sigh…words fail me!

Here is a preview of his efforts!

A Quick Spank

Mia was naked, bent onto the table her round ass displayed seductively. She was blindfolded, her hands were bound in leather cuffs behind her back, her face laying on a pillow facing her left side. Her legs were spread exposing her ready lips, light brown pubic hair glistened in the light.  Marko was standing behind her naked save for spanking new white Nike shoes on his feet. He had just spent the last few minutes oiling both their bodies, taking his time to massage Mia, fondling her breasts,  allowing her to relax her mind, letting her body swim in the ocean of relaxation.

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The Art of Restraint

There are times when living in the midwest has its advantages, then there are times when it has it disadvantages.  This weekend was disadvantage midwest.

If you were in San Francisco this past weekend I hope you were lucky enough to check out some sexy rope fun at the Femina Potens, super suave celebrity rigger/rope maker Monk, the sultry sexy Madison Young and Miss Calico.

SF Weekly has the pictures here. We thought they were pretty hot, G had visions of being in the meat in the Monk, Madison Young sandwich.


Ahhhh….sweet relief…

So Jay decided to make up for yesterdays sweet, yet frustrating, torture today…lol

Earlier today…I was surfing blogs…seeing what there was to see…and all the play yesterday just came back in a tidal wave-sized surge…and I decided that the time was now…he could either put out…or I was handling it myself…I searched the house and found Jay in the garage doing whatever man crap he was doing…I walked up behind him, grabbed his ass, fisted my hand in his hair and kissed him hard and wet…an evil grin from him and I was feeling pretty confident I was going to get my way…Next thing I know…Im flipped around and bent over the hood of the car…my yoga pants were jerked down…and I could feel his hard cock sliding along my ass….and then it slid into my already wet and aching pussy…I almost came from the initial penetration. I love it when he fucks me from behind…it hits all my yummy spots just right…the orgasm that came within about 10 seconds was so intense…I was grateful I had some support or I probably would have folded into a pile of quivering boneless flesh….lol…he was as turned on as I was…but Jay loves to torture me…so rather than waiting for him to cum….I took it from him….I slammed my ass against him…burrying his cock in me over and over until he came…

Later in the day we ‘took a nap’ and had an encore to our earlier quickie. I was reading my kindle when he told me to take off my pants. He had me straddle his naked groin with his hard cock sliding against my clit…and told me to read one of my sex scenes from the book Im currently engrossed in (Kushiel’s Chosen) Needless to say that I wasn’t able to read for long. I was wet…my clit was hard…and I was so turned on. He wrapped his arm around my waist and flipped me over on to my belly…and fucked me….whispering in my ear fantasies inspired by (and specifically intended) to push me over the edge…I came 3 times…bam bam bam….and when he decided I’d had enough…joined me in bliss…

While yesterday was frustrating….today was satisfying…and I still have time before bed for the trifecta ;o)


Erotic Surrealism

If you have to be anywhere near Paris, France this week, take a trip to the gallery Kamel Mennour, which displays an exhibition of surrealist painter/photographer Pierre Molinier. The man was certainly ahead of the curve during that period in French history. Using himself as primary subject he utilized props such as “dolls, dildos, stiletto heels”.

From the presentation:

“Pierre Molinier’s enigmatic photographs influenced European and North American body artists in the early 1970s and continue to engage artists, critics, and collectors today. In the 1970’s, Molinier’s health began to decline. He lost the will to live after he was no longer able to maintain an erection. Like his father before him, Pierre Molinier committed suicide at 76 years of age by self-inflicted gunshot wound while masturbating.”

You can check out some of his work here.


I want to cum…

So…its 6pm where I am….and I find Im having a frustrating day… Jay has been tormenting me all day…

It started this morning…he told me first thing that I wasn’t allowed to cum without asking first…

Then started the torture…it started with a casual caress of my breast while I was cooking breakfast…a slap on the ass if I tried to touch him in return because, as I was then informed, I had to ask to do that too…

Now, I think of myself as a switch…so I definitely have a few top-ish tendencies…but being told that if I didn’t play by the rules he set forth…I would have the pleasure of Jay jerking off and cumming on my ass with no gratification for me…definitely put some motivation to my actions.

A little later, he continued by unzipping my jeans…sliding his hand down the front of my pants…and playing with my wet, swollen clit and slowly, with exquisite precision…brought me to the edge of orgasm….then leaving me weak-kneed and flushed…my pussy pulsing in time to my racing heart…my breath quick and shallow…I want to scream…

Every time I ask sweetly to touch him….or respond with the appropriate ‘Yes Baby’…Im rewarded with kisses on my neck that give me goosebumps…or a quick stroke of my pussy….Every time I forget the rules…my jeans are pulled down so he can look at my ass and stroke the cock I want so bad to be buried deep in my pussy…and all I can do is watch…and get wetter…more swollen….more delicious ache…and then a firm smack on the ass as my jeans are pulled up with no joy for me…

The latest torture….Jay pushed me over so my upper body lay on the bar….jerked my jeans down…and slid his very erect, hard, thick cock in me exactly the way I like it…firm…as deep as he can get…his groin slapping against my ass…the head of his cock gliding over my G-spot…Im so close….my eyes slide slowly shut…I lick my lips in anticipation…imagining a pussy before me to feast on…so close…the orgasm rushes toward me and I gasp as abruptly, harshly…there is nothing…He grabs my arms from behind….pulls me up….turns me around to see his hard cock still glistening with my juices and says…

‘You didn’t ask to cum…’

So now my pussy aches….my nipples are pebbles from the high level of arousal coursing through my body…and I have several hours left before I sleep…and all I can think is ‘Please let him touch me again….please let him make me cum and ease the pressure that has built all day with no release…

I need a cold shower…. ;o)

Trantali Prisoners

The drivers whip cracked at the heads of the large oxen beasts laden with a wooden yoke over their shoulders, the beasts kept their pace solemnly. The Trantali driver was shouting  “on mokes on mokes”.

They were pulling a long low wooden trailer with poles in each corner sticking up to eight feet in the air, attached to the top of the poles were long beams that created the skeleton of a box. The design was purely functional as it was a slave wagon full of new slaves fresh from the Sundrin Hills. The slaves were all standing, hands cuffed by metal bracelets, linking each bracelet was ring, and through this ring a chain was attached which hooked the slave hands above her heads to the long beam running the length of the wagon. The slaves were naked and gagged, consistently without purpose it seemed they were whipped by the Trantali guards that flanked the slaves wagon on foot and horse.

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The Capture Of Andrealius

Her name was Andrealius, a daughter of the royal house of Harrsalin. She had the misfortune to be traveling in lands roamed by the rival Trantalia clan. The Trantali were a tribe of marauding, half civilized barbarians known for the vicious temperament as regulators of the slave trade.

Andrealius was crying with guilt about what she had gotten herself into. She hadnt meant to travel so far. She was tired and merely wanted to lay down to rest. Just a short, quick rest.  Her body was aching from the long ride.

The Trantalia caught her napping on the banks of the river Thysone. Andrealius had been traveling for three consecutive days before collapsing into a rush of thickets, only to awake on her left side with hands bound to feet, mouth gagged, staring at the back of a woman’s bushy, tangled head in a position identical to her own.  She saw the black leathers of the hairy, bearded guards, and immediately recognized it as Trantalia. Trantalia viewed women as a commodity to be exploited for profit. The Trantalia were a powerful tribe, rivals to her own people, and relations in the last few years had been tense. The Trantalia had ceased all trade with Raelonius, then delcared them a hostile nation.

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