So If You Like Rope

There are a couple of rope bondage personalities that I like to read, and yes learn to emulate. One is Twisted Monk, the rope maker extraordinaire, the other is the mystical Greaydancer. Graydancer has a podcast, er ropecast,   that provides enlightened, intelligent commentary in the world of kink. Both gentleman have a solid pedigree in the rope/bdsm/poly et al. communities.

So I am encouraging, or prodding anyone interested in rope bondage specifically to check out both websites, their writings, and products. Right now they are currently offering a contest in which they are giving away a 50$ gift certificate from Twisted

From Graydancers blog:

“That’s right, giving them away. Use it to buy a couple of lengths of your favorite, or towards a bigger kit, whatever. It’s yours. All you have to do is come up with a creative entry.

What do you mean “creative” ?

Exactly that. A picture. A poem. A story. A limerick. A drawing. An interpretive dance.”
So cruise on over to their blog listen to the ropecast and enter the contest, you never know, you could be the lucky winner !

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