Rope A Do

We have been tying each other for a while now, well mostly me tying her. Its been superbly fun to tie her tease her special sensitive play parts. We dont have a lot of rope, we dont do suspension or anything, we pretty much keep it hot and simple. Rope bondage is easy, fun, simple to begin by having your partner at your mercy awaiting your every movement. For me this is one of the tougher aspects of rope play, I get distracted by her body so I end up with a stiffy demanding to penetrate her.

Learning to tie is what creates the playful sexual tension for us. Me fumbling over the wrapping or seeing her smirk knowingly;  tensing her muscles watching me pull the rope any moment now possibly whipping the end across her face. That act can really kill the moment. Touching her body softly lingering over my favorite places creates in both of us a more intense desire for each other. Buzzing from the excitement that happily comes along with playing with rope, I take my time teasing her, adjusting her in different areas; then displaying her in differing poses for me to enter her mouth, pussy, or ass. She laughs whimsically as I roll her around, changing the ties or the angle of her ass.

For what its worth I highly recommend rope bondage for anyone. Ive heard its most couples number one fantasy. Anything can be used for tying, it doesnt have to exclusively be rope, scarves, belts, loops of twine, imagination being the only limit.


2 Responses

  1. This sounds like something we need to explore. I’m also very good at macrame so I may find the knotting easier than I thought.

  2. You should 🙂 its very different from any other sex toy, at least to me. The time spent tying some may not care for, but lingering over someone while they await your every move is a very arousing sensuous experience.


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