For idle time I might enjoy a beverage, maybe some herbal remedy, grazing differing articles of opinion of various worlds that never seem to collide in any meaningful way.

See, I read alot of political commentary, not from any mainstream organization, but from a variety of academic thinkers. This tends to cause in me a red pill blue pill effect when listening to mainstream news, or really anything on tv. The same situation applies to sex, I read a lot of sexual commentary, regaling the freedom that manifests itself sexually in people, liberating themselves from whatever parochial or religious restraints they might feel burdened with.

Its odd then to exist in two different worlds. A coworker might imply to me how lame or insufficient their sex life might be. How do I relate to that person that  I prefer to tie G to a table flog her clit with whatever item is handy be it ruler or kitchen utensil til she comes. Hearing my coworkers discuss whatever latest current event is being bludgeoned to death. How do I discuss with them then how obvious and painfully they are being manipulated never realizing until the bill is due ? Too much us vs them mentality to really discuss rationally. I sigh politely fake a smile and shake my head muttering about “how fat cats in washington blah blah blah”

Things being the way they are I dont expect much different from folks here where I reside. What do you expect from a pic but a grunt ?

Dont know what the point of this post is, I guess standing in a line at a grocery store will inspire the odd thought or two.

But will leave you with a sexy pic for absorbing my rumination 🙂


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