My Neighbor

Her lips felt soft against the sagging weight of his testicles. Her lips sucked them as they were grapes dangling in front of her. Her pink tongue slathered the cleft of his inner thigh. Reaching with her right hand she squeezed his upright cock, feeling the pulsing goodness exciting her to lick him even faster.

His name was Davis, he lived next door to Anna, who at this moment was thinking why she hadn’t met this Davis guy before. She was merrily slurping at the hardened cap, Davis hands were running through the dark locks, pushing her deeper onto him. Anna swallowed his cock, plunging her mouth down on the shaft and Davis’ cock disappeared into her mouth.

She started sucking him faster, Anna’s head bobbing up and down to her own rhythm,  Davis’ pelvis thrust into her mouth awkwardly. As his cock was throbbing against her tonsils, she thought of her office manager penetrating her from behind his large hands holding her hips tightly. She imagined her office manager would have a good size cock too.

The thought excited her, she removed her mouth from his cock held it firmly in her right hand while she proceeded to straddle him. Anna’s warm pussy covered him tightly, their  musky aromas blending in the air. Davis’ toes curled while letting out a loud groan, as she had all of his organ inside of her. Hungering for his mouth, she bent her slender body towards his, massaging his cock slowly with tight magical walls.

She straightened herself upright, nipples still pebble-hard, both out of breath, gasping.

“I dont want you to come yet”  Anna said, dismounting Davis. She stood up, walked to the end table drawer and slyly removed a pair of handcuffs. She turned, dangling them seductively from her right index finger, she looked into davis’ eye.

” I want you to hand cuff me bend me over and fuck my ass.”

Davis stood up, his cock still hard protruding from his sweaty body. He stepped towards her took the hand cuffs still without saying anything. He grasped her shoulders and roughly spun her light body around. Her breasts swung wildly which turned Davis on even more. Cuffing her wrists behind her, he spread her legs with his own feet. His cock was missile-like now, her pussy wet, swollen, pink with anticipation as he slowly nosed the head of his shaft into her.

She groaned, “Oh fucking god, that feels so amazing, I love your cock” Anna cried, ” fuck me!fuck hard!”, she was almost whining the words.

Davis slid his cock inside of her wetness, a tight pussy, he felt it clench around his cock hungrily. It filled her up, and she kept moaning “fuck yes” then began screaming for him to fuck her harder.

He grasped her hips, sliding into her deeply, thrusting harder, his rigid body becoming tighter, veins bulging. The slapping of their bodies kept the tempo of Anna’s screams of delight. The deep animal groans came and went.

“Fuck me harder fuck my pussy !” she cried. She was pushing all of herself into him. Her head between her legs, slightly bent. She loved being handled like this. To be used so thoroughly, like a toy to be fucked, she wanted to get the most out of this neighbor but she could tell he was about to cum.

Davis was driving his cock into her faster with each thrust, he was to the point of elation, his love piston pounding hard, then everything stopped. He exploded into her, his body sagged, and hr struggled to keep from falling over. She leaned back into him straightening herself, his cock still inside her, she arched her neck nuzzling against him.

“Your cock is so fucking amazing, I had no idea you could be so neighborly.”

“Anytime I can be of help, or you know, if you need to borrow some sugar.” he replied running his hands over her hard nipples.

“Hah!”she said, “I will remember that, now if you dont mind I need to clean up”, kissing his cheek, then tilting her head to the door.

Davis, surprised at this lack of thought for his feelings, mutely walked out the door. Anna, seeing him leave, just smiled, and turned to go shower.


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