She Likes Women

Laying in bed with G, idly being amused by the plastic porn on tv, the stiffness of forced acting finally morphed into two girls going to the ladies room. Predictable dialogue ensued and wouldnt you know it the plump breasted darker haired girl was going down on the less dark haired girl.

Then G commented, “Ive done that before.”

Eyebrows raised, I love it when G talks about having sex with other women, I asked if she did it in the stall or on the counter top as being demonstrated by the two nymphs on tv.

G is bi and I love it when talks about her sexual adventures with women, it will usually lead to some sort of play between us, and this time was no exception. We began kissing, feeling, and pressing our bodies against one another. Probing and feeling, both getting stimulated, eager to enjoy our togetherness, our magical sexual bond.

As I was very hard, and her very wet, I told her to show me how she would lick a womans pussy for me, to show how she would enjoy anothers clit, hands on her head, moaning and squealing to her delight. Harder I slammed into her, her mouth seeking out the invisible fuzzy treat.
As we both came together we kissed deeply, arms wrapped around each other, melting into a simple comforting embrace.

I love it when she talks about women.


5 Responses

  1. You realize, of course, that since she is bi she will never be content to stay with you. I wonder how long it will be before she leaves you? I give it a year.

  2. lol…your a funny little animal ! (your cynicism appeals to me)

    well we been together for three years or so now…so are ye talkin startin from today er shit back three years ago….?


  3. Sounds like a wager to me !


  4. Sweet… almost a haiku.

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