Couldnt Help It

Each day she was usually in the same place, today she was standing there sipping a coffee and reading a book, something with a  picture of a buxom woman in a land of mushroom dreams. He caught her eye, and she caught his, they smiled, each felt an eruption of vibrations.

He stopped said “Hello, is the book good ?”

She replied something to the effect of “Yes it is good…to kill time.”

He didnt really hear her, he was intent on looking into the round dark eyes, eyes that reached into him deeply, the gentle parting of her lips when she spoke gripped him all the more tighter. She felt the same about him, she noticed his long dark hair cascading down his broad shoulders, lean shoulders the biceps were exposed, taught and tan this man was specimen in front of her.
He offered to refill her coffee.

She replied “No thanks, but can I tell you something.”

“Yes, you sure can.”

” We have seen each other every day in this spot for a couple of weeks now, we make the same goo goo eyes, and I am going to guess we both are thinking the same thoughts. Lets fuck! “she spoke matter of factly and quite sexily too, dangling her coffee in her hand, she closed her book and looked at him hungrily.
“Well where shall we go, my lovely friend.”

She said follow me.

He followed here through the office building to the elevator, trying not attack each other that second, they nodded politely to the middle management couple in the elevator with them.

They got off the elevator and him following her past the sterile cubicles of workers, to a row of glassed in offices, he followed her in and she closed the door.

There had been no words spoken between them, they were merely acting on animal insticts. Both were attracted very intensely to each other. Wanting to take the other wildly, it didnt matter how, against the wall, bent over the desk, on the ground, both just wanted to be naked with the other.

She motioned for him to sit in the chair. She locked the door, and spun his chair so his back was to the door.

He was about to say how he really liked the Jackson Pollock on the wall, when she straddled him grasped his head and kissed him deeply. Her tongue diving into his warm mouth, her hands running through his hair, feeling his skin, his large hands and growing hard on. He was so enthralled by her feasting on him in this way he never noticed that the chair had wrist cuffs and she had him clamped down in the chair unable to move his hands.

“I like to make sure I get fucked properly” she told him licking his ear.

Guiding his pants off, his penis saluting her smartly, swollen and hard, she cradled his balls in her hand and soaked his cock with her mouth. He began to moan and exclaim loudly. This she had to stop, the walls were not thick and people would hear. She had an easy solution to keep this man quiet. She stepped around to her desk and out of drawer produced a ball gag and quickly had him muffled. He was a little hesitant first, eyes widening, muttering what the fuck, but once she caressed his cheek and squeezed his cock he was quite docile.

His cock sufficiently moistened, she unzipped and removed her slacks, she wasnt wearing panties. She then turned her back to him, and very very slowly guided his cock into her pussy. She arched her head back, her long silky hair fell onto her back and she let out a deep quiet moan. Feeling him inside her she began to slide up and down, ever moistening, slow to begin, feeling him swell even more and begin to pump his hips faster. She held him down, her ass slamming down onto him, her grip on his cock was very firm. She had absolute control of this mans cock. Her sleek legs straining, her pussy squeezing tighter she was ready to make him cum. She increased her rhythm and felt him climaxing muffling louder and more intensely under his gag.

When they came together the world stopped for a moment. Each wallowing in the post adrenalin high, feeling each others wetness. They stayed that way for a minute, he didnt even want his gag removed.

She finally got off of him, removed his gag, and the straps from his wrist.
She zipped her pants, and straightened her blouse, checked herself in the mirror, turned towards this wonderful stranger and stated.

“You can leave now.”

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