Sex Scandals ‘Yawn’

Seems there is always some sort of public personality going through some sort of “sex scandal”. The media reports in shock at the supposed violations of morality, infedility, or outside the box sexual proclivities of people.

Might there be a fundamental reason for such behaviour, yes, on the one hand I can attest to being in a very sexually dysfunctional relationship. I understand how one can just keep a relationship cruising along, you dont want to just deliberately hurt someone.

So what could be the variable that causes those to hide their own personal fetish, or knowingly damage their relationship. I have heard that causes of this goes back to worshiping a single deity, some might say it is the false western assumptions fed to us since birth, or some would say that rock n roll is the culprit.

Certainly if American society were a bit more mature about their sexual awareness, and educated persons to understand that sex is a natural part of our existence arriving in many different shapes, sizes, textures, and smells. We should accept those who might be drawn to certain feelings and allow them to express those feelings responsibly. This type of understanding if taught at a more discernable age could alleviate social side effects, such as un wanted pregnancy, rape, domestic abuse, and “sex crimes”.

I have evolved over time now  to just shake my head at such stories, and change the channel.

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