Night Of Play Part 2

Driving through town, Mia still in the back seat tied, and him at the wheel. Murphy came to a hotel, driving pass the lobby parking lot, he cruised to the back of the building. He parked in front of a row of rooms, all with sliding glass entry ways. Turning around to her and smiled, Murphy gave a yank of the rope and her hands became free. He then handed her a blindfold that she guided around her head, covering her eyes, and she smiled and told him she was getting quite excited.

Murphy  got her out of the car and lead her to the room.  He decided not to bind her wrists together as this might attract some unwanted attention. They entered the room and he sat her down on the bed.  Murphy had dutifully prepared the entire room, candles, music, incense burning, the sandalwood filling their nostrils.  He had prepared a standing truss to be ready for when they arrived, then helped her up from the bed, guiding her to the truss. Murphy then tied her hands to the ring at the top of the truss and began wrapping her chest and waist in soft purple rope. He was tying around her, touching her, kissing her, letting her not feel the warm sensations of his skin and breath. He began telling her that tonight she would be his toy to play with, that one of their fantasies were about to be filled. She couldn’t see as he sent a quick text message and let out a giggle.  ‘Your going to enjoy tonight baby !’

She moaned in excitement, feeling herself moistening, her knees getting weaker, and increasing her anticipation as her body was wrapped with the rope. She noticed that he hadn’t taken her clothes off and was even more excited as taking her clothes off was something always done before any rope play. Her thought was answered as she felt a sharp tugging at the straps on her top and around her tits. The clothing was being cut away, so that it displayed itself in threads in a very sultry way. This caused her to moan out loud, and exclaim to Murphy that he was turning her on like never before and she was about to explode in a wave of orgasms. He stopped tying, held her cheek and in a late-night-dj voice, told her she wouldn’t cum until she asked him if she could, and she had to ask very emphatically and with much enthusiasm. She told him ‘yes, sir’, putting the emphasis on sir. Their play was a mixture of silliness, and mood setting, very sensual and fun. They knew what each other liked and would make sure that they would each jump into the rising tide, simultaneously cresting together awash, waves hitting a beach.

Murphy had Mia tied the way he wanted now, her hands now behind her back, her body looked as though it walked through a spider web of rope. He began to attach a single long piece of rope to the top of the harness, bringing it down again to loops he had fashioned around her ankles. The rope was various colors, purple, black, white, green, But there was a specific order to it; purple around the body, black around wrists and ankles, green to trim the sensuous parts of the body, breasts, pelvis, around her pussy, the white to support the body in key stress area, to minimize potential for injury. It was a work of art, and he then finally had the long lengths of natural colored rope and hoisted her up, legs going back, head slowly lowered foward, she was now parallel to the ground, laughing, and he gave her a gentle nudge to get her swinging.

At that moment Murphy walked to the bathroom where Veronica was dressed in head to toe black rubber suit, only the eyes, lips, breasts, ass, and crotch exposed.  A chain was fastened  to the towel hanger in the bathroom, the other end to a small o ring on the womans collar. Taking it in hand he removed it, then commanded the girl to come with him. She got up walked in front of him, he slapped her ass firmly. He walked Veronica in front of Mia, hanging face down blindfolded, lips parted her head was tilted in the direction of Darby and he. He positioned Veronica and had her kneel in front of Mia, he pulled on the back of Mia and led her to kiss Veronica’s lips. She kissed back and the girls explored each others tongues. He then ordered Veronica to lay down directly beneath Mia. As she did, he lowered Mia on top of Veronica. They could just touch with their breasts, but only barely with lips and tongues.  They strained to get a touch of the opposite warm, wet mouth.

Murphy, unbuckled his belt, removed his pants and was completely naked as he got down on his knees positioning himself to one side, his cock and balls were on Veronica’s mouth. The ladies attacked his cock with their tongues licking and moaning for it, trying to take it in their mouths  while he teased it away from their probing  tongues. His cock was growing harder and brighter with their saliva. .He took his cock in one hand and entered into Veronica’s mouth. He forced her to take it, her tongue wrapping around it, as he pushed to the back of her throat. He could feel her throat resisting, as he pulled it out, repeating the motion a couple more times. He then gave it to Mia, removing his had as she opened her mouth wide for it. He guided her to his engorged cock using the rope.  She sucked to hold on to it, her hands being behind her, using her mouth as expertly as she could.

Murphy held his cock inside her mouth the same way he did Veronica’s, pumping his cock in her throat. He eased her away and let her swing slightly, she moaned slightly and asked for him to give his cock back to her.
I have plans he said.

He swung Mia around so her ass was to him and Veronica. He then lowered her so her legs were touching the ground but the rest of her body was perpendicular. Her head was in perfect position to provide oral satisfaction. He walked Veronica over to Mia’s face, turned her so her ass was to her face, he bent Veronica over so Mia could lick her pussy and circle Veronica’s ass. He approached Veronica’s face with his cock and held her head in both his hands while he fucked her mouth hard. He could feel Veronica’s hands on his hips as his cock worked all parts of her mouth. She was moaning and slobbering on his cock while Mia bounced back and forth with her tongue on Veronica’s pussy.

He then commanded Veronica to put on the black dildo, around eight inches in size, a cucumbers thickness, as Veronica buckled the dildo onto her, he lubed the shaft so it would ready. He then led Veronica to Mia’s ass, he sat Veronica on her knees and directed her to start licking Mia’s pussy, in long slow licks like eating ice cream he told her. He held her head in his hands, guiding her up the furry slit that was wet from anticipation, swollen and aching for penetration. He spread Mia’s lips so Veronica could lick deeper.

Mia was moaning, loudly, announcing she wanted to be fucked, and fucked hard. Wanting to lick the hard nipples of her playmate, she begged him to enter her, to feel his cock, his touch, his hand on hers.

He replied that she would have all that, and more…

~Jay Morgan

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