A Hot First Meeting

Recently we met a very sexy couple through a CL post. We had posted an ad for a bi-female to play with, after a few flaccid  responses, a couple of one liner emails of stats and a unflattering beaver shot. Then our inbox was graced with a post that showed promise, an intelligent inquiry into our ad of a man and woman who indicated they shared similar interests.

We cautiously replied, proffered some pics and began an email exchange that turned into some instant sexy conversation. Relating to each other about our shared interests, likes dislikes, and commiserating about the rigors of adult life. We made a time to chat again, G and I were excited about the possibility of sexy kinky fun with our new friends.

We met them at a local bar that had an upstairs pool room that presently was absent customers. A bonus for us I thought, getting excited about the anticipated meeting, fantasies of blow jobs in the corner flashed through my mind.  G and I picked a round table with four chairs in the back corner.

Our new friends showed up and were even sexier in person than on the cam. Her dressed in a sexy black skirt, and him in a casual outer shirt and jeans. Both attractive, fit, and friendly. We all shook hands, and conversation flowed easily, although we at times carried on separate conversations with the others partner across the table. Miss Manners would have furrowed her brow distastefully. However we talked about our shared experiences, they enlightened us to some sexy places around town to visit we weren’t aware of, and finally played some pool.

The whole engagement was very loose and fun, lots of sexual innuendo in the air.  The other guy and I,  are on the same page with each other when it comes to the ladies. Trying to be sensitive to the women’s needs without making them feel like hors d’oeuvres. He and I had quite a time discussing the various sexy positions the ladies presented while shooting pool. Certainly, if for not wanting to hasten away the good vibes we certainly could have gotten more adventurous.

The afternoon whirled by and we ended the meeting by promising to get together again soon. Make a play date to see how things will work out when we dont have to worry about local “decency” laws.

My expectations going in were minimal, I wanted to make sure G had fun, to make sure I had fun, and  to make sure we “both” had fun. It had been worthwhile for us and was a much needed stress relief. In thinking about it afterward, and despite all the nervous anxiety of opening yourself up to people in such a way, I was glad it happened.

And throughout the rest of the evening the guy and I texted back and forth about several ideas for our next meeting.


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