She Got What She Wanted

It was mid day, coming home from running errands, the groceries were unloaded, coats shed, and a quiet house. G and I loitered in the bedroom for a moment, lost between that point in time, when the aura of the bedroom is combined with a sexy stillness.  It had been a demanding morning and we both knew we needed some stress relief, Georgia decided to take matters into her own hands.

G was wearing a black top, jeans, and cutesy boots when pouncing on me she pressed her lips next to mine. Snaking her arms around grinding her sexy hips into my cock, her tongue feasted on my mouth, next appetizer were my nipples as she pulled my shirt off. Moving to unloosen my belt buckle, unsnap, then unzip my pants. She is a ballerina of sorts when it comes to taking my trousers off of me. Tugging and stroking my cock she manages to keep her lips to my mouth while disrobing me. I stand there with my cock getting erect and me very horny. I finally have to undo her pants, slide my hand down the seam of her ass then bring her lips to  my cock. Even though I was letting her top me, I wanted her to give me a good forceful kiss on the cock. She loves it when I power her in such a manner, and could feel her pussy getting wet.

Georgia then threw me down on the bed, ridded me of what remained of my clothing, then proceeded to impale her lips on my erect member. Both lips tightly lubricating me, her clutching my balls with soft, exacting hands, and swirling her tongue around the cap of my cock.

She sucked me to her satisfaction then straddled me to sit down gently, my cock tucked nicely inside of her. She began to gyrate up and down furiously, her pussy gripping tighter and tighter, pausing for a moment to pay special attention to the head of my cock while we both looked my cock inside her, causing her to finally gush tighten her ass and pause in the delight of her orgasm.

It was all pretty much about her then 🙂 !

`Jay Morgan

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