Happy HNT!

So If You Like Rope

There are a couple of rope bondage personalities that I like to read, and yes learn to emulate. One is Twisted Monk, the rope maker extraordinaire, the other is the mystical Greaydancer. Graydancer has a podcast, er ropecast,   that provides enlightened, intelligent commentary in the world of kink. Both gentleman have a solid pedigree in the rope/bdsm/poly et al. communities.

So I am encouraging, or prodding anyone interested in rope bondage specifically to check out both websites, their writings, and products. Right now they are currently offering a contest in which they are giving away a 50$ gift certificate from Twisted Monk.com.

From Graydancers blog:

“That’s right, giving them away. Use it to buy a couple of lengths of your favorite, or towards a bigger kit, whatever. It’s yours. All you have to do is come up with a creative entry.

What do you mean “creative” ?

Exactly that. A picture. A poem. A story. A limerick. A drawing. An interpretive dance.”
So cruise on over to their blog listen to the ropecast and enter the contest, you never know, you could be the lucky winner !

Rope A Do

We have been tying each other for a while now, well mostly me tying her. Its been superbly fun to tie her tease her special sensitive play parts. We dont have a lot of rope, we dont do suspension or anything, we pretty much keep it hot and simple. Rope bondage is easy, fun, simple to begin by having your partner at your mercy awaiting your every movement. For me this is one of the tougher aspects of rope play, I get distracted by her body so I end up with a stiffy demanding to penetrate her.

Learning to tie is what creates the playful sexual tension for us. Me fumbling over the wrapping or seeing her smirk knowingly;  tensing her muscles watching me pull the rope any moment now possibly whipping the end across her face. That act can really kill the moment. Touching her body softly lingering over my favorite places creates in both of us a more intense desire for each other. Buzzing from the excitement that happily comes along with playing with rope, I take my time teasing her, adjusting her in different areas; then displaying her in differing poses for me to enter her mouth, pussy, or ass. She laughs whimsically as I roll her around, changing the ties or the angle of her ass.

For what its worth I highly recommend rope bondage for anyone. Ive heard its most couples number one fantasy. Anything can be used for tying, it doesnt have to exclusively be rope, scarves, belts, loops of twine, imagination being the only limit.


Ready For A Spank

She loves having her ass played with in whichever way. I have her sit as she is in the photo below, spank her til she begs me to let her cum.


My favorite view…I like to think of what is beneath those lovely red panties.

Calculated And Precise Lovemaking

Here’s an amusing sex survey of students who attend MIT.

Here’s a taste of the intellectual goodness.

“It may not come as a surprise to some that Senior House takes the cake for both floorcest and anal sex. 52 percent of Senior House non-virgins say they have had sex with someone in their living group. 36 percent of non-virgins say they have had anal sex. The least floorcestuous dorm is the Phoenix group (NW-35), where nobody copped to having sex with someone else in the group. The least anal-receptive dorm is McCormick, where only 5 percent of non-virgin girls say they have had anal sex.”


She’d Make A Great Pet

The idea of a pet/playtoy for G fades in and out of my consciousness from time to time. Its a recurring, appealing fantasy that appeals to both of us. The fantasy begins with me bringing her a sexy little pet that she can play with, stroke, cuddle, spank, or just tie up to tease.

Like bringing her home:

Thinking of this today I was reminded of this tune from the early 90’s.


Erotic Cinema

The following site was recommended to us by some friends of ours. Very erotic, gotta hand it to the Spaniards for being so stylish and good looking.

Lust Cinema

Enjoy !

Happy HNT

G won her own medal in our version of the olympics.


For idle time I might enjoy a beverage, maybe some herbal remedy, grazing differing articles of opinion of various worlds that never seem to collide in any meaningful way.

See, I read alot of political commentary, not from any mainstream organization, but from a variety of academic thinkers. This tends to cause in me a red pill blue pill effect when listening to mainstream news, or really anything on tv. The same situation applies to sex, I read a lot of sexual commentary, regaling the freedom that manifests itself sexually in people, liberating themselves from whatever parochial or religious restraints they might feel burdened with.

Its odd then to exist in two different worlds. A coworker might imply to me how lame or insufficient their sex life might be. How do I relate to that person that  I prefer to tie G to a table flog her clit with whatever item is handy be it ruler or kitchen utensil til she comes. Hearing my coworkers discuss whatever latest current event is being bludgeoned to death. How do I discuss with them then how obvious and painfully they are being manipulated never realizing until the bill is due ? Too much us vs them mentality to really discuss rationally. I sigh politely fake a smile and shake my head muttering about “how fat cats in washington blah blah blah”

Things being the way they are I dont expect much different from folks here where I reside. What do you expect from a pic but a grunt ?

Dont know what the point of this post is, I guess standing in a line at a grocery store will inspire the odd thought or two.

But will leave you with a sexy pic for absorbing my rumination 🙂