Susan Block Defends The G Spot

The sexy intellectual Dr. Susan Block obliterates one of the latest regressive studies of the lore of the G Spot. Enjoy the reading, sexy intelligent women to me are right up there with my love for G, jam bands, and chips with every meal.

From the article: “Is this science or is this nursery school for anxiety-ridden adults? It certainly is going into research with a blatantly biased, not to mention silly, ax to grind. It’s reminiscent of 1850s-era gynecologist William Acton writing, “The majority of women (happily for them) are not very much troubled with sexual feelings of any kind.”

“When are some people, especially people who call themselves “scientists,” going to accept that making great love does not always come as naturally and easily as a teenage wet dream, just as making gourmet cuisine is not as simple as stuffing a Big Mac into your mouth?”

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