A Night Of Play Part 1

She was dressed in a simple leather miniskirt, slinky black spaghetti-strap tank top, black high heels, with a single simple strap around the ankle. Sexy simplicity, the basics, black always has great sex appeal, and her summer sunset colored hair, looked great against the black. She had thin, silky lips, bright green eyes, and sweet smile that could light up the darkest tennessee valley. Legs long and tan, topped by a round ass that gave a hello to everyone when she walked down the street. She was standing in the wide open living room waiting for him.

His voice from the back of the house asked her if she was ready, she replied yes  she was, he spoke back commanding her to get down on her knees, and close her eyes. She complied, using the coffee table to rest her knees on the carpet, High heels can be very awkward at times. She put her arms behind her back and closed her eyes. Visions of him were filling her head, his smell, his skin, his touch on her, the way he tasted, all the incredible ways that he could bring her to ecstasy. Her eyes closed and thoughts of him on her mind she heard his footsteps, and then he spoke again. Alright my love, open your mouth for me. As she did, she felt his finger on her cheek, caressing her chin, running around her neck, exciting her to draw her breath deeply and moisten her pussy. His finger found her mouth and traced her lips, he told her to stick her tongue out farther, and she did, reaching for him. He traced her wet tongue with his finger delving deep in her mouth, she expelled it with a sexy resounding pop !

He removed his finger and replaced it with his cock on her tongue, taking her head in his hands he moved his cock in her mouth, telling her to close her mouth and thrust his cock into her, telling her to hold it there for him til he moved back. He could feel her throat tightening against his cock, her pulling back and he held her head there, feeling her straining, beginning to gag on his cock, the saliva circling him, her tongue flailing against his hardened muscle. Her arms caught his hips and she tried to pull back, he eased out of her slowly, letting her swallow and not drool on her outfit. He wanted her ready for tonight.

Standing over her naked. His large erect penis shining in front of her, told her that if she does all she is told tonight, she will get to enjoy more of his cock, and he will give her the hard fucking that she always desires.

As they drove into town, he had her sit in the back seat, in the middle, with her arms and legs, tied to the doors. She was spread eagled and he had adjusted her panties to expose half of her lightly furried pussy. He touched her clit for a brief moment, she gasped, she was very wet right now and despite the logistics of the getting situated in the back seat, he could tell from the smile on her face she was enjoying it very much.

He drove down the road deejaying her favorite music, and keeping the rearview mirror angled so he could look at her pussy. To think about it, enjoy the way it looks, feels, and tastes. He imagined kissing it licking it with his tongue while she writhed her legs around him.

While driving he was telling her the sexy bits of thoughts that made him want her more every day, then segueing into a list of rules. Tonight you will be at your sexiest and sluttiest. I want you to make eye contact and flirt with any sexy person you see, and the ones I will point out. There would be times when he would command certain tasks for her to do. He told her if she did not do as he wished, or questioned his actions, she would take a spanking to the ass while watching him jerk off, nor would she be allowed to cum until he directed her too. She asked him if she understood all of this and she nodded her head, smiled coyly and spoke, ‘Anything you wish baby.’

To Be Continued..

2 Responses

  1. I love the playful tension in this erotica and eagerly await her receiving that reward. 😉

    • Thank you for the comment, very sweet of you, love your blog, the butt plug ring toss toy may come in to play, lol. Stay tuned, later today part 2 will be up, figuring out what the perfect reward will be.


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