Thats Me In All Those Pics !?

Seeing as how I am referenced fairly frequently…and am muse (in part) for this blog…I thought Id say hi!

I am a thirty-something woman…confident about who and what I am…a kinky-as-hell switch with a raging exhibitionist streak…caught in the body of a middle-aged mom and nurse.  A friend once told me I ‘oozed sex’ and ‘made people think about sex just being around me’…Im not sure about that…but I am not contradicting it either ;o)

Over the past couple of years since joining hearts with my Honey….we have embarked on a journey of self-exploration, with particular attention to our sexuality and baser desires….too some…our kink is mild….to those in our middle-American Bible-belt town…we are pervs…and I kinda like that about us!

Thus far…the pictures seen on this blog have been my own ass put out there for your titillation…I thoroughly enjoy erotic photography…it appeals to both my artistic soul and my erotic nature. I hope you enjoy them…the time consuming process that brings my photos to this blog notwithstanding, I appreciate comments, suggestions, constructive criticism/critiques (emphasis on constructive for the assholes of the world), and the occasional smack on the ass.  It typically takes me several hours of time, contortionist efforts, lighting, backdrop, and taking pictures ad nauseum and some judicious photo editing to take random pictures of my ass…to what I consider to be erotic art. I will definitely be contributing to Half-Nekkid Thursdays as much as Im able…so check back.

So Im off to research some new ideas…hope you enjoy our blog…as we are having an AMAZING time writing it…


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