Music To Screw To Part 1

I asked Georgia to name some of her favorite music to have sex too, she named a few, and here is a short list. More selections to come of course.

We are big fans of The Stringcheese Incident and like this tune because it gets us in that kinky mode to let everything go, good for times when the rope comes out. Watch it.

Of course, Enigma, cant forget them, a little more sober in that its good for long gazes into another’s eyes adding to the mystery this song lends itself too.

Animal Liberation Orchestras (ALO), Girl I Want To Lay You Down is amazing, the first time you play this for your partner, she will be putty in your hands. Another one for the cialis commercial lovemaking sessions, wrap your arms around each others love handles and go for a ride !

The last three are good old fashioned, let me massage you and nibble your ears, good lead in music to slowly undressing, feasting on each others skin.

Van Morrison’s Into The Mystic, as done by Warren Haynes and the Dead from the Spring 09 tour.

John Maher, he was hilarious in this skit, but this is the one that will always produce sexy results. (I should have learned to play guitar ?)

And finally, Dave Matthews Band, kind of a modern Peter Frampton, lol, Georgia loves them, and they can really jam when they want too. Here they are doing Crush.

Hope you like the tunes, and if you would like to suggest some feel free to drop a line 🙂

Jay Morgan

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