Losing It

I was sixteen at the time, and it was summer, stereotypically supposed to be the best time of ones life, guess people who say that forget what its like at sixteen with all the angst, anger, confusion, the oppositional defiance. Which is like a vice slowly suffocating oneself when you grow up in a town of less than 7,000 people and everyone knows everyone else.

Anyway, I had a couple of friends that I ran around with all the time over at my house and were smoking some pot, watching MTV, and wasting time the way teen agers do.  One of my friends, who we will call C, had an older sister, she was 20 at the time if I remember right, and she was very attractive, skinny blonde, nice tits, every 16 yr old boys wet dream. I only saw her fleetingly at times, but would stay the night occasionally at my friends place, and she would be there. Myself inwardly going crazy and developing an instant erection. Having to resist the urge to grab her ass, or tell her crudely,  I want to fuck now !  As it happens she was going to the local beauty college, (remember those?) and learning how to cut hair. The beauty school was located close by my house, and one afternoon, she stopped by the house.

Her brother and our other best friend who I will call P, were there and she stopped in to say hey, and smoke some pot. I am pretty sure she had her own stash and it still to this day turns me on when a girl whips out her own stash of weed. As we puffed, we started flirting a little bit and resting our legs on one anothers. She asked if she could borrow  a t-shirt to wear instead of the hair dresser uniform. I obliged and we ended up in my bedroom together. A raging hard on in my pants, she sitting on the bed, me standing rubbing her tits, and kissing her. I didnt think my cock could get so hard. It was as if all my senses in my body were channeled to one spot, she let me lick her nipples and I felt like I was in a dream, could this really be happening.

“What are you going to do about that ?” she asked devilishly. Pointing at my cock with a cigarette between two fingers.

She teased and to this day I still dont remember getting undressed. I recall seeing her insert my penis into her, my thrusting and then a tornado of all that pent up elation going out of me. I was floating, laying there for a moment and watching her get dressed. I felt weightless, laying there and trying to comprehend in my mind what just happened.

Not what I imagined losing my virginity would be like. But on the one hand it got it out of the way, on the other, there is part of me that would like to get a chance to do it again, do it right, you know.

Certainly, and for those who might remember, lol, it wasnt quite as dramatic as this.

Later in life, a curious thing happened. It turned out a few years ago that the girl I lost my virginity too was the new hair stylist at the same salon as the one where I would go to get my haircut. She still works there to this day.

~Jay Morgan

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