Last Night’s Playtime

We took some pics last night to provide a teaser to the text, enjoy !

Georgia, or G, is sitting on her knees in front of me collar on, her cuffs attached to her collar, wearing her remote control butterfly vibe that I  am holding the control for, attached to her like a thong, and at this moment a consistent pulsing vibration is busy working against her clit.

I have her where I want her, hands unable to touch her clit. I adjusted the vibe to a more rapid pulse, seeing her body respond to the feeling. She begins to quiver, her hips move against the vibe, her pussy is getting wet. The sight of her getting off arousing my cock. I play with her nipples, squeezing them and kissing her. Standing up, I unsheath my cock, and dangle it in front of her mouth. Her sexy mouth opens up, closing her moist lips around my cock she takes my cock greedily. The feeling of her lips on my cock harden it, knees weak, the sensations lifting me I take her hair in my hands, pushing my cock on her tongue into her mouth.

A few minutes later, I get naked and lead her into the bedroom, her hands still behind her back, the vibrator still attached, I place her on her knees in front of me. Being the good submissive she is she takes my orders perfectly. I take a thirty foot 6mm hemp rope and tie her using a chest harness tie, and attach the remaining rope using a single column tie to her ankles bending them back toward her ass, not allowing her to stand.  I sit on the bed and she resumes taking my cock in her mouth, to and fro she swallows all of me. I order her to grip my cock hard with her cuffed wrists, and lick my cock as if it were an ice cream cone. I stop the vibe until she does as I wish to my satisfaction. Determined, she attacks my cock more, Georgia moans and get more excited. At this point she is fucking the remote vibe, her pussy wanting a cock to fill her up, to slide in and out of her. Telling her how she needed another cock, (be it real, or synthetic), she then inhales my entire cock. When she takes it all I resume the vibrations, when she lets go I stop. Sending her into a completely frenzy, she exhales my slick, hard, swollen cock. I stand up and fuck her mouth, slide my cock in and out of her slowly, watching her red lips around my cock.

Leaning her onto the bed I slide my cock into her, grabbing her hips and thrusting hard deep into her. The vibrator is set on constant vibe, arousing her into cumming over and over and massaging my cock. Georgia is calling and calling for me, her hips slamming into mine. I grip her hips hard, holding her, seeing my cock slide into her pussy, I fuck her harder, deeper, feeling her tightening around me causing me to reach my own climax. I hold her tight with my hands feeling the sensation of her pussy around my swollen head, she grips me once more and I explode into her.

2 Responses

  1. mmm,nice we’ve never done any bondage stuff actually don’t have anything, but he does like to grab his cell phone, open it up when I’m on top facing his feet and use the light to get a good view up close. He likes to watch his cock going in and out of my pussy, hard and wet. I like it too because I know how much he enjoys it.

    Hey G looks great, I’d feel that way about her too, nice ass.

  2. Thanks so much! Its his favorite part…I swear…if I had a sculpture made of me for him…it would be of my ass…the part he loves best! lol

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