This morning we were both off of work, enjoying the soft light, getting up and having a quiet house with coffee, maybe some light reading. Mornings for us are those special moments that we share and treasure when we can. We are both morning sex people, we cuddle very tightly in the mornings, my cock sliding between her ass. Simulating that warm life amongst rounded silverware tucked away in a drawer.

This morning was no different than most mornings alone together. After an hour or so we begin to tease and play with each other. Depending on the mood could be anything from some nice rope bondage to straight vanilla missionary sex to vibrators. I was taking a few minutes to remove some of the minor headaches that are common with pc based computing, I use a macbook pro, so I dont have to really worry about it. She was laying on the couch, her face intent on the screen in front of her, I rose out of my chair and walked over to her to give her a gentle kiss and see what she might be viewing.

She was looking at some videos on porn hub, a couple of nice bondage pieces that featured fmf threesome. I became incredibly turned on, erect, stiff, hard, my cock was bulging as I began to take her pants off. I threw her legs back and began to feast eagerly on her clit. Her clit is so sexy, I lick it in nice circles that gets her wet and aching for more. We watched the video and told each what we liked about them, what might turn us on in that having a fantasy while your having sex mode. While some say most fantasies dont apply generally I agree with that statement, but I also think that they are a way of expanding new boundaries and letting your partner know what you like. But thats a whole other topic.

As her pussy was ready for me I slid into her, her lying back on the couch and me on top of her. I saw our small ottoman next to us and decided to place her on top of it so we could fuck doggy style.

Sitting the computer in front of us I entered her from behind and began thrusting and pounding into her. I know she likes to feel my balls slap against her and I was really trying to get her to feel them slapping her. My hands were on her hips and the harder we fucked the more it turned me on. I was trying different angles with my cock and feeling her different reactions. We both came very hard and she was incredibly vocal about her climax. A mental note was made about the position we were in and how it would be hot to have a woman in front of her with her legs spread.

Its always a turn on when your woman looks for porn to get turned on and then gives a good fuckin. Every time she does that I consider myself maybe the luckiest damn guy on the planet. The more we discover about each other kink, the more intimate and intense our lovemaking becomes. More on that later…


4 Responses

  1. I am loving your blog.

  2. I’m definitely digging your prose…I love porn, love both women & men and adore that you guys enjoy each other & I love reading your explicit descriptions

    • Thank you very much. There will be much more and if you ever have any suggestions, please feel free to let us know. Stay sexy !


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