Jumping Into Fantasy Land

Often times when we are intertwining our bodies and feeling our skins pressed together we tell each other things that we fantasize about. Often they are never the same, our fantasies seem to vary at times. Going from thinking about another girl or couple joining us, various states of bondage,to having sex in front of a large group of people.

Neither of us are really threatened by the things we hear each other say, and seem to agree that what is said in bed is not necessarily what wants in real life. Just the logistics of having a three way are not minor blips that make for great fucking. There are bodies, smells, attitudes, images that all get in the way of that magic fantasy.

But fantasy can become reality. Two people committed to each other can make it happen, it takes a lot of work, trust, and time. Though some couples I am sure are easier than others. Myself and Georgia, it has taken a couple of years to even get to the point of being comfortable of inviting someone else to share our sex life. Aside from the predictable fantasy of two girls on one guy, its taken us some time to get into the kinkier side of ourself. I for one would never have thought in my lifetime I would really like tying someone up and then having sex.

Having the trust in someone is capital to great sex life in general. However opening up and taking a risk on that trust will bring both partners new adventures and excitement into their sex life. After understanding what gives you and your partner pleasure, you can then talk about such activity, and the next thing you know you might find yourself having sex in public, or just taking that first trip to the sex store.


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