Up From The Ground Burst A Bubbling What ?

So where to start ay ? Well I like sex, and as I grow older, I am learning its not all about just intercourse, but adding those extra “herbs and spices” that make for a wonderful and healthy sex life. This blog will explore my experiences that I have with regards to sex.

Been a lifetime of mainstream parochial ideas and life lessons. my mom raised me and being in a very small town sober conformity was the norm.

Sexually ignorant I learned about boobies and kissing in sixth grade when myself and a couple of classmates would sneak behind a rock and watch each other kiss. voyeuristic at the time i guess. interested in girls but not enough to conform to the traditional social mandates of seventh and eighth graders, but i do remember being the first to openly walk holding hands with a girl in the hallways in between classes.

Throughout my life I was very vanilla with any girl I was with, I was just grateful if they got naked with me, anything extra was a bonus. Not that I was with a great many girls, too shy and inward for bars or singles scenes. The kinkiest thing I had done by the time I had gotten married at at age 28 was receive a blow job in the car from a former girlfriend. My relationship with the woman I married was extremely vanilla, which itself is another story.

I finally have been able to explore my kink with someone I truly love and trust more than anything in the world. She is accepting and loving of me. As anyone who has been so lucky as me, finding someone who is mutually interested in and attracted to the same ideas as you are, makes for a electric relationship. My sex life now is richer than I ever dreamed it possibly could be, we have spontaneous sex, quickie sex, slow lets make love sex, our kinky play, and just enjoying the wonderful beautiful human body.

What you will read here will explore the experiences that myself and my Georgia go through on our explorative road trip in the culture of kink.

Its all for sociological purposes right 🙂 ?

2 Responses

  1. Ahh yes. Herbs & spices are a must for a savory and delicious sex life.

    I shall check keep checking back to taste the yummy-ness.

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